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The National Football League is one of the ultimate sports shows in the world. The best NFL stadiums feature top-notch technology to ensure an elite visitor experience, and it reflects on the team’s record more often than not.

The best NFL atmospheres can only be compared to the most iconic sporting events. Football is American’s biggest passion and even if you’re not a fan of this sport, watching a game in person is an experience every person should live at least once.

But what are the greatest NFL stadia to watch games in? What are those iconic venues that make even the most reluctant or passive person start screaming and rooting for the home team?

Best NFL Stadiums ranked

As you may know by now, football is a huge part of American culture. Some of them wait decades before watching their favorite team on their own turf, and it turns out to be the experience of a lifetime.

But as it usually happens in sports, some venues are more accommodated or suited for the ultimate fan experience.


That’s why today, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 best NFL stadiums, the greatest NFL stadia to watch games in:

10. Gillette Stadium – Patriots

Gillette Stadium has witnessed plenty of success throughout the past couple of decades. It was the home of Tom Brady for nearly 20 years, so it’s no wonder that it was always a packed house. This stadium has one of the best NFL atmospheres, even despite the blistering cold of Massachusetts.

With a capacity of 66,800 fans, the only downside of this stadium is its location outside of the Boston area. Other than that, you better believe that you’ll be in for an exciting experience if you root for the Pats, but the rivals will have a tough time enduring the weather and the hostile home crowd.

9. Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Falcons

While the Atlanta Falcons haven’t exactly been the most successful team in the league, they sure have one of the finest homes. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium isn’t only one of the greatest NFL stadia to watch games in, but also an elite venue for pretty much every kind of major event.


This not-so-old stadium features multiple video screens that will keep fans engaged throughout the whole game. Also, it boasts a capacity of 71,000 spectators and was voted as one of the most comfortable stadiums in terms of user experience.

8. Heinz Field – Steelers

We couldn’t possibly leave Heinz Field out of this ranking if we wanted to talk about the best NFL atmospheres. The Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the most loyal and popular fanbases in the nation and they’ll definitely make you feel their presence at home.

You better believe that the Steelers will sell out those 68,400 tickets week in and week out, especially when the team is doing well. Just imagine nearly 70 thousand people waiving those ‘Terrible Towels’ at you and you’ll understand why rival teams don’t want to visit Heinz Field.

7. Arrowhead Stadium – Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs weren’t exactly perennial competitors, but they still had a loyal fanbase by their side through thick and thin. Now, they have the best quarterback in the league in Patrick Mahomes, and also one of the greatest NFL stadia to watch games in.

With enough space to shelter 76,400 people, Arrowhead Stadium will get loud. Also, it never ceases to amaze that this stadium dates all the way back to 1972, yet it seems like one of the most modern venues in the league. Its design was clearly ahead of time, and its tailgating makes it quite comfortable for the visitors.

6. CenturyLink Field – Seahawks

If we have to talk about loud fanbases, then we have to talk about the Seattle Seahawks and their ‘Number 12’. Seahawks fans literally trigger earthquake detectors with their celebrations, so you know you’re going to have a tough time if you’re from the visiting team.

Also, as it usually happens in Seattle, CenturyLink Field features nothing but the finest technology all over the place. Its elegant and modern design pays tribute to the city, and you’re not going to find many better atmospheres around the NFL.

5. SoFi Stadium – Rams/Chargers

Even if it hasn’t been around for long, SoFi Stadium is already one of the best NFL stadiums. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the Inglewood-based venue cost an estimated $6 billion to build. It can hold 70,000 fans on a weekly basis, but its capacity can be expanded to 100,000 for special events.

The stadium is the jewel of the crown of Hollywood Park, an elegant 8.5 million square feet entertainment complex.

While there’s nothing you could argue about its design, perks, and view, it’s far from being one of the league’s best environments, as neither the Rams nor the Chargers have a solid fanbase as of now.

4. U.S. Bank Stadium – Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings had been through a lot over the years, and God knows their fans deserved a home that honored their passion for the team. Gladly, they had exactly that – and even more – in the U.S. Bank Stadium, one of the greatest NFL stadia to watch games in.

This stadium combines a modern design with the classic feel of the franchise’s graphic identity. It has a beautiful view of Minneapolis and boasts a capacity of 66,000 souls. Also, it holds one of the best NFL atmospheres whenever the iconic Gjallarhorn roars.

3. Allegiant Stadium – Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders – formerly Oakland Raiders – struggled for years sharing the Oakland Coliseum with the Oakland Athletics of MLB. Their relocation to Las Vegas was a huge blow for their loyal fanbase but it was for the best in terms of comforts and development.

Allegiant Stadium is already one of the most impressive constructions in Las Vegas. It has retractable curtain-like side windows, and a torch in honor of former Raiders’ owner Al Davis, which is the largest 3D-printed item in the world. Also, as you could expect from a sports venue in Vegas, it includes a sports betting lounge. It can host 65,000 fans.

2. AT&T Stadium – Cowboys

Football is America’s sport and the Dallas Cowboys are America’s team, so we couldn’t leave their stadium out. Even despite their recent struggles, the Cowboys play in front of a packed house week in and week out, with 100,000 souls rooting for ‘Dem Boyz’.

AT&T Stadium is a massive modern construction that will leave you in awe at first glance. It innovated with huge video boards and set the standard for what new NFL stadiums should look like. You know what they say: Everything is bigger in Texas.

1. Lambeau Field – Packers

Albeit not the most modern or even the prettiest stadium in the league, Lambeau Field still has the best NFL atmosphere.

The whole town reeks of football and there’s not a single game that fans don’t sell out tickets, even if it’s literally freezing out there.

Lambeau Field has that mysticism that just a handful of sports venues have.

Some fans wait for their entire life to have the chance to watch their beloved Packers, and their football museum holds more history of this sport than most places on Earth. With a capacity of 81,435 fans, this is by far the greatest NFL stadia to watch games in.

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