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10 best rebounders available in the 2023 NBA Draft

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Fundamentals can take you a long way, even in today’s position-less basketball, which is why finding the best rebounders in 2023 NBA Draft will be a major task for all GMs and scouts. And while all players need to do a little bit of everything, rebounding is still primarily a task reserved for big men.

Best rebounders in 2023 NBA Draft

Centers are often demanded to be in control of the boards, both offensively and defensively, while the rest of the team focuses on boxing out and running back on offense. The game has come a long way and changed a lot, but that remains pretty much the same.

Notably, this draft class isn’t exactly stacked with centers or power forwards. Even so, this guard-heavy class features some elite glass cleaners, regardless of their position. That’s why today, we’re going to let you know about the top 10 best rebounders in 2023 NBA Draft.

10. Jaime Jaquez Jr. – SG, UCLA

As we previously mentioned, our list of the top 10 best rebounders in 2023 NBA Draft will feature most than just centers, starting with UCLA veteran forward Jaime Jaquez Jr. He projects to be a second-round pick, and he could become an instant fan favorite if given enough playing time because of his hustle on both ends of the floor.

Jaquez Jr. grabbed a whopping 15% of his team’s rebounds and averaged 8.2 boards per game in his senior season, not too shabby for a 6-foot-6 tweener guard. He’s got elite footwork and some crafty post-moves, and he would be a lottery pick in the 80s with his style of back-to-the-basket offense.


9. Leonard Miller – F/C, G-League Ignite

Leonard Miller is far from a finished product. He has guard-like skills and handles but he continues to work and grow into his body. He’s got a massive 7-foot-2 wingspan and has been used to training with actual pros from his time with the G-League Ignite, and he’ll be a dominant specimen once he learns how to make the most of his physical traits.

Miller can overpower his rivals and get past box-outs to dominate the offensive glass, and he’s great at establishing a position on the other side of the hardwood. Averaging a whopping 11 boards per game in the G-League last season, he’s clearly one of this year’s NBA Draft best rebounders.

8. Brandon Miller – SF, Alabama

There has been a lot of talk about Brandon Miller, and rightfully so. He projects to be the No.2 overall pick in the upcoming draft, as the Charlotte Hornets are unlikely to pair Scoot Henderson with LaMelo Ball, especially having an elite SF prospect available.

And while Miller has made most of his noise because of his scoring and shot-making ability, he’s also an elite rebounder for a player in his position, averaging over eight boards per game throughout his rookie season in Alabama. He’s big, long, and knows how to use his body to establish position as a rebounder.

7. Trayce Jackson-Davis – C, Indiana

Trayce Jackson-Davis is one of the best rebounders in 2023 NBA Draft, and a guy who might have a long career in the NBA, even if it’s coming off the bench. He’s a perennial lob threat and a never-ending source of energy that has excelled as a rim runner and who can dominate both ends of the glass.


Jackson-Davis knows how to use his body to seal off his rivals and either grab a rebound or open up lanes for his teammates. He’s an elite athlete that could still bulk up and make the most of his post-game to establish himself as a starting-caliber big man.

6. Noah Clownley – PF/C, Alabama

Once it’s all said and done, there’s a big chance that Noah Clowney will go down as one of the biggest NBA Draft steals in this year’s class. He’s a versatile big man that can thrive both as a power forward and a center, as he can lock down the paint or stretch the floor with his shot-making ability.

His hustle and positional versatility make him an intriguing asset for multiple teams. He continues to grow into his body and didn’t get enough playing time, so it might take a while before he fulfils his true potential, but he’s most definitely worth the risk.

5. Tristan Vukcevic – C, Serbia

Talking about NBA Draft steals, the new intriguing big man out of Serbia comes by the name of Tristan Vukcevic. Every time Real Madrid sets its sight on someone, you know that’s a player to look out for, and he won’t be the exception to this rule after thriving in limited action.

Vukcevic is the kind of modern-day big man who can put the ball on the floor, knock down threes, pull up, and create for others. But he’s a big man first and foremost, and as such, he thrives on the glass. He grabbed nearly 15% of the available boards when he was on the floor.

4. Dereck Lively II – C, Duke

Dereck Lively is not only one of the top shot blockers in this Draft class, but he’s also one of this NBA Draft best rebounders. The big man out of Duke was on the floor for just 22 minutes a night and he did come off the bench seven times last season, which obviously hurt his averages.

His numbers may not be that impressive to the naked eye, but he averaged a whopping 10.5 rebounds per 40 minutes, and that number went up all the way to 16.0 rebounds per 100 possessions. He’s 7-foot-1 with an absurd 7-f00t-8 wingspan, so one would expect him to do well as a rebounder.

3. James Nnaji – C, Nigeria

James Nnaji is the kind of prospect who might need a year or two in Europe before heading to the U.S. to fulfil his potential. But even as a draft-and-stash second-round pick, he might well grow to become one of the best — if not the best — rebounders in this class.

The Nigerian big man was on the floor for limited minutes in Spain’s ACB, and he still needs to polish his game. But he was a bit of a wreaking ball who could manpower himself over most opposition, making the most of his raw power and length to dominate the glass.

2. Victor Wembanyama – C, France

We’ve talked long about Victor Wembanyama and for very good reasons. He might well be the greatest and most unique prospect in the history of professional sports, not just basketball. And that includes being good at rebounding, which is a big part of the game.

Of course, Wembanyama has an absurd 8-foot wingspan, which obviously gives him a massive edge on the glass. He would’ve grabbed and averaged more rebounds if he didn’t spend that much time on the perimeter, but he still managed to average 10.5 rebounds per game.

1. Oscar Tshiebwe – C, Duke

There’s a chance that Oscar Tshiebwe might never set foot on an NBA hardwood, and that would be a shame. He’s one of the greatest rebounders in the history of college hoops, the ultimate hustler on both ends of the floor, as one can tell by his career average of 12.3 boards per game (13.7 RPG last season)

Despite being a bit of a tweener at just 6-foot-7, he boasts a 7-foot-4 wingspan. His combination of length, strength, hops, and fearless determination to grab rebounds has made him a threat on the glass throughout his four-year collegiate career with West Virginia and Kentucky.

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