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Identifying the 10 best shooters in the 2023 NBA Draft

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Shooting has become a must in today’s game, which is why looking up the best shooters in 2023 NBA Draft has become a popular query among basketball enthusiasts. Simply put, you cannot thrive in today’s game without someone to rely upon to make big shots from the perimeter.

Best shooters in 2023 NBA Draft

Everyone wants to be the next Stephen Curry. And while that may not be great for shot selection, it’s definitely made an impact and changed the game toward the perimeter. Fundamentalists and old-school fans may not be delighted by that tendency, but the game has evolved and we should be able to enjoy it as such.

With that in mind, we take a look at what may not be one of the greatest Draft classes of all-time, but that will still feature plenty of talent. So, put down that Victor Wembanyama scouting report as we introduce you to the ten best shooters in 2023 NBA Draft.

10. Brandin Podziemski – PG/SG, Santa Clara

Our list of the NBA Draft best shooters begins with combo guard Brandin Podziemski. He’s perhaps the best catch-and-shoot player in this draft, and that’s perhaps the biggest skill that could help him become a mid-second-round pick in the upcoming draft.

He’s got a nice offensive package featuring teardrop floaters, pull-up shoots, and even some baby hooks. He rises to the occasion when the clock is winding down, and has shown an ability to knock down shots even when tightly guarded or heavily contested. He’s also quite active in passing lanes.


9. Ben Sheppard – SG, Belmonte

Once again, a flawless shooter might not find a spot in the first round solely because of his age. But if the NBA draft was all about shot-making, then Ben Sheppard should be a top-10 pick by all means after knocking down 40.4% of his catch-and-shoot triples as a senior.

The Belmonte standout is great at shooting off screens, in transition, and from both corners. He’s unbothered by pesky defense, and his playmaking skills make him thrive when heavily guarded on the perimeter. Sheppard is a crafty scorer who can create for others, although his upside is limited.

8. Jordan Hawkins – SG, Connecticut

Jordan Hawkins is a never-ending source of energy, and the kind of guy who might well could single-handedly shift the momentum of a game. He can go hot in the blink of an eye, and he figures to be a great option in off-ball screens at the next level.

His speed and energy are only topped by his shot-making skills from beyond the race. He doesn’t have the quickest release and often needs to set his feet before getting his shot up, but he knocks them down way more often than not.

7. Jett Howard – SG, Michigan

Jett Howard comes with plenty of NBA pedigree, so you know he’s only scratching the surface of his potential and will only continue to get better. He’s the son of former NBA player and current Michigan Coach Juwan Howard, and while he may not be the same lockdown defender, he’s definitely a much better shooter.


The 6-foot-7 specimen has made a living out of using the most of his size to shoot over nearly every defender he’s had to face to this day. His mechanics are beautiful, and he’s the kind of savvy ballhandler that can easily get to his spots when needed.

6. Kris Murray – SF/PF, Iowa

Kris Murray spent most of his college career living in the shadow of his twin brother, Keegan. Keegan’s skill set proved to be quite valuable for the Sacramento Kings as they put an end to their league-worst playoff drought, so NBA teams got a glimpse of how Kris could handle himself and what he could provide at the next level.

Murray thrived in a go-to-guy role at Iowa without his brother. He’s got virtually the same set of skills and is as good a shooter as Keegan. His size allows him to stretch the floor as a stretch four or small-ball five, and he’s improved every year he’s been in college, which is obviously a promising trend.

5. Terquavion Smith – PG/SG, NC State

Terquavion Smith might only have one shot to make it to the NBA, and some will view him as more of a G-League or borderline rotation kind of guy. The only thing that could make him stand out and earn some playing time will be his impressive shot-making ability.

He knocked down three triples per game on over 37% from the floor at NC State. He’s an instant offensive spark that could thrive in a Sixth Man role, which isn’t an ideal ceiling for a first-round pick, but he could still get some consideration in the second round.

4. Brice Sensabaugh – SG, Ohio State

Even though he doesn’t exactly create a lot of separation from defenders, Brice Sensabaugh still manages to knock down shot after shot when he gets hot. His pull-up game is simply elite — he thrives from the top of the key.

His shooting mechanics are beautiful and flawless, and he’s got the potential to be one of those guys who constantly knock down threes on the fly and in transition. He’s a walking bucket and shot over 40% from beyond the arc in nearly 5 attempts per game in his lone season with the Buckeyes.

3. Marcus Sasser – PG/SG, Houston

Marcus Sasser might not even go in the first round of the upcoming NBA Draft, but he’s still a top-3 talent when talking about the NBA Draft best shooters. Age and size aren’t on his side as a potential star at the next level, but his shot-making skills could grant him a spot in an NBA rotation for years to come.

He’s coming off knocking down 43% of his three-pointers on 8.6 triples attempted per game in college. The volume, numbers, and mechanics are most definitely there. He’ll have a hard time getting minutes, but he can go human torch mode with just a few touches a game.

2. Brandon Miller – SF, Alabama

Brandon Miller has played himself into legit consideration for the No. 2 overall pick, and it’s not just because of a better positional fit for the Charlotte Hornets, but also because of his offensive versatility, and that includes his knack for shooting.

He’s an elite shot-maker from everywhere on the floor, thriving both off the dribble or in catch-and-shoot situations. He has a high release and knows how to create separation from his defenders, making the most of his long wingspan and size to get wide-open looks.

1. Gradey Dick – SG, Kansas

Unsurprisingly, Gradey Dick headlines our list of the best shooters in 2023 NBA Draft. The Kansas product has become viral for his borderline ridiculous shot-making ability, and he’s got a chance to be one of the best shooters this game has ever seen, showing shades of Reggie Miller, at least when it comes to knocking down perimeter shots.

There’s no shot Dick can’t do. He can spot-up, pull-up in transition, and even shoot when heavily contested and with a hand on his face. His shooting motion is simply beautiful, and he’s efficient from all three levels. He can make an immediate impact on the pros and could be a top-10 pick in the draft.

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