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Top NBA rivalries going in to 2021/22 season

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The new NBA season is almost here and as teams go into their preseason preps, the top target for each one of them will be to take the ultimate prize home in June.

The Milwaukee Bucks will be looking to defend their title and once again we expect Giannis Antetokounmpo to be outstanding for them. It feels like it was just the other day when the Bucks won the title.

Biggest NBA rivalries this season

Teams have strengthened in the summer, acquired top signings and made big trades, and punters have had their say too. Apart from the Bucks, the other early favorites will be the Lakers and Nets but one thing remains clear – cutting edge rivalry, and entertainment is on schedule.

The NBA schedule for the 2021-22 season reverts to 82 games after the 72 games last season and the calendar will run from the regular season starting October 19th all the way to the final week of June 2022.

Rivalries are part of this game and are what fuel the competitive levels the NBA has come to be known for.


So, what are the top rivalries to look out for as we go to the new season?

Bucks vs Nets

All the other teams will of course be trying to dethrone Milwaukee Bucks.

The reigning champions beat Brooklyn Nets on their way to winning the title but it wasn’t a walk in the park.

With all the stars set to grace this game, the rivalry is set to get even more bitter. Kyrie Irving was injured midway through the Conference Finals, and it got to Kevin Durant vs Giannis, which the Bucks man came out on top of and these are the superstars that will be the focus again.

These two teams face off on the opening night, which adds to the excitement and heading to the game, both teams have their top players available. With many game changers in the clash, betting on such a game can be tricky, but that’s where the NBA Predictions on SportyTrader come in.


Lakers vs Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors clash should also be one to look out for.

Just like the Bucks and Nets game, this too will be highlighted by the big names that go head to head.

What a better way to describe the rivalry in this game than simply putting it as LeBron James versus Stephen Curry.

These two faced off in the play-in stage last season and the Lakers prevailed in a tight game. These two teams also face off on the opening night, and what a night that will be!

Nets vs Lakers

The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers have more than one rival, and these two also come up as a serious rivalry to watch out for.

A lot of former teammates will face off here, and this adds to the flavor of this game.

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James facing off is mouth-watering and Kevin Durant and James Harden’s availability makes it even better.

These two franchises are among the favorites to win the NBA title and seeing them matchup before the latter stages of the season is exciting. The two teams play each other on Christmas Day.

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