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Identifying the best free agent targets for the Broncos after trading for Russell Wilson

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Now that they’ve landed Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos’ free agency 2022 has officially started. George Paton got Nathaniel Hackett a quarterback, now he needs to address the other issues on his team.

For the most part, the Broncos looked like a well-round, balanced team. They were one solid quarterback away from being a legit contender, and Vic Fangio delivered his promise of putting together a top-tier defensive unit. Fortunately for them, most of that core stayed with the team.

Broncos free agency 2022

Everybody’s talking about the Broncos’ Russell Wilson trade and for very good reason. They now have an up-and-coming receiving corps, a strong running game, and a physical defense. But even after one of the biggest NFL trades ever, they should be in line to make some more moves.

The Broncos could certainly add even more firepower to their already scary defense. They could also look to add an insurance policy for the running game in the event they’re not interested in bringing Melvin Gordon back. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top-5 Broncos’ free-agent targets:

5. Ronald Jones II

Most Broncos free agent rumors state that Melvin Gordon wants to stay at Mile High. But given how expendable aging running backs have become in the league, we wouldn’t be shocked if the Broncos don’t share the same interest.


Javonte Williams is expected to continue getting most of the reps in the running game. But adding an experienced player like Ronald Jones II would certainly give them a nice backup for goal-line carries and third-down, change of pace situations.

4. Jadeveon Clowney

While we can all agree that Jadeveon Clowney never lived up to expectations, he’s still a solid pass-rusher at a reasonable price. He didn’t become the generational defender most analysts thought he’d be but any team would be more than glad to have him at this point in his career.

The Broncos’ secondary was elite but their front seven struggled early in the season. Clowney had a solid year with the Cleveland Browns for the most part, and he could look to join a better team in the offseason. He can get to the opposing QB and shut down the running game as well.

3. Von Miller

Von Miller is the ultimate Denver Bronco. He never wanted to leave the team and made it clear that Denver was his home now and forever. Miller has already achieved nearly everything a defensive player could achieve in the league and is fresh off winning a Super Bowl.

Recently, Miller openly said that he misses Denver and wondered whether they’d give him his old locker back. If that’s not a sign of a potential reunion, then I don’t know what it is. Von Miller will be a part of their ring of honor once it’s all said and done.


2. Tyrann Mathieu

Tyrann Mathieu has played a huge part in the Kansas City Chiefs’ recent success. His trash-talking, quick hands, and nose for getting tackles for a loss make him a unique and special player. But his volatile character might well drive him away from Arrowhead Stadium.

The Honey Badger reportedly doesn’t feel appreciated enough in Kansas City right now and has hinted at a potential move away from the team. The Broncos are already all set at that spot but you never pass on the chance to go from ‘good’ to ‘great.’

1. J.C. Jackson

J.C. Jackson has made it clear to the New England Patriots that he wants to get paid. He claimed that he didn’t mind if he got the franchise tag but the Pats decided against that. Bill Belichick won’t spend $20 million on a cornerback, as good as he may be.

Jackson has been one of the leaders in forced turnovers for years. He’s a ballhawk with great hands that could fit right away next to Patrick Surtain II. The Broncos’ secondary is scary as it is and adding the best available cornerback to that mix could make them the ultimate turnover machine.

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