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Five contenders who make sense as a Buddy Hield trade destination

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For years, Buddy Hield trade rumors have swirled. He is a player that almost every team needs.

Hield is a sharpshooter on the offensive end. However, it is clear that he does not want to spend the rest of his career with the Sacramento Kings.

The Kings are a bit of a dumpsterfire of a franchise that has been rebuilding for decades and show no signs of stopping.

Buddy Hield trade rumors 2021

Along with this, the players that they are building around play the same position as Hield.

It is clear that he will be moved, the question is just when he will be traded and which team he will be traded to.


There are five teams that have a good chance of trading for Hield.


The Los Angeles Lakers are the current frontrunners to make a deal for Hield. The team has been linked to him for years, a deal just has never been made yet.

It is unclear if this will finally be the offseason in which the Lakers pull the trigger for him or if it will once again be just a rumor.

The package the Lakers are reportedly offering to the Kings revolves around Kyle Kuzma with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope thrown in to make the salaries match.

It has also been discussed that Montrezl Harrell and draft capital could also be involved.


The Lakers are also interested in Marvin Bagley II. As a result of this, there may be a bigger trade roughly involving Kuzma, KCP, Harrell and some picks for Hield, Bagley, and picks.

This deal is still a work in progress and this is only a rough sketch of what the deal could be.

However, Hield would be a spectacular fit for the Lakers. They are desperately looking for someone who can create their own shot, create for others, and space the floor.

Hield is more than capable of creating for himself and spacing the floor and is making strides on his playmaking abilities.


The Atlanta Hawks had a much better season than expected in 2020-2021. They made some big moves to put a perfect team around Trae Young and he did not let Atlanta down.

He proved himself as someone who can lead a team and win games rather than just putting up empty stats.

However, the Hawks still have a ways to go before they can actually contend for an NBA championship. It was clear in the series against the Milwaukee Bucks that Young did not have enough help around him to win on the biggest stage and he was physically exhausted form having to carry the team as far as he did.

Hield could be a great player to take some of the offensive load off of Young’s shoulders.

The Hawks are already a team that does not really care about defense. They have a mindset of simply outscoring the other team rather than holding them on defense.

Hield would fit right in. He is by no means a great defender, however, he makes up for it with what he provides on offense.

The mock trade revolves around Cam Reddish for Buddy Hield and a second round pick. For the Kings, they get a talented young player who has shown great potential to assist in their rebuild.

He fits the team’s timeline much better than Hield does. Along with this, Reddish is able to lockdown on the defensive end and that fits the game plan of the Kings much better than the Hawks.

The Hawks get another sharpshooter to put beside Young and a player that can carry some of the offense.


The Toronto Raptors trade package is arguably the most boring out of any on this list.

This trade would simply be a salary dump, allowing them to trade for expiring contracts. With the Kings likely having many more lottery picks in their future, having cap space is essential to them being relevant once again.

It is not a stretch to believe they will need to give Tyrese Haliburton a max extension when the time comes.

As a result of this, clearing contracts like Hield’s now for expiring contracts makes it possible to give Haliburton the money he will be asking for.

The mock trade sends Buddy Hield to the Raptors for Rodney Hood and Chris Boucher. If this is the deal that occurs, Hood and Boucher will likely be off of the Kings after a single season when their contracts expire.

Hield would provide the Raptors with enough shooting that may make stars like Pascal Siakam happy enough to stay and make the team playoff contenders once again.


The Denver Nuggets are another team that may make a deal for Hield. The Nuggets are on the fringe of evolving from annual playoff appearances to genuine championship contenders.

However, one wrong move and they could ruin their chances of ever even making it to the Finals.

They are on a very slippery slope and a deal for Hield could push them far enough in either direction. The mock trade is a straight up swap sending Hield to the Nuggets in return, they receive Aaron Gordon.

Gordon only has one more season left on his contract and would likely join a new team after his season with the Kings.

However, for the Nuggets, Hield could either make or break the team. Gordon has already shown upside while playing for the Nuggets.

He is playing some of the best basketball of his life in the reduced role and he said himself that playing with Nikola Jokic has made of the easiest basketball he has ever played.

Giving up Gordon could end up being the wrong move for the Nuggets, however, they would get back one of the best shooters in the NBA.


The final team in contention for Buddy Hield are the Philadelphia 76ers.

The 76ers have been shopping around franchise player Ben Simmons and likely will begin to cater the way they build their team around Joel Embiid.

However, Hield would be a great fit whether or not Simmons is traded or not. Both Simmons and Embiid are interior threats that oftentimes draw double teams once they get to the basket.

Having a sniper like Hield waiting in the corner would either cause defenses to stop double teaming or they will leave Hield, a 40.6% shooter, wide open.

In this deal, the 76ers would give up Danny Green, Mike Scott, Shake Milton, and a first round pick for Hield.

The Kings would get a solid young player in Milton along with a first round pick. Likely, they would try to deal Scott and Green or they would simply let them walk in free agency once their contracts expire.

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