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The AFC East struggles to gain any real interest because the Patriots have dominated the division for so long. However, there’s a sense of change in the division and with the right changes, the Dolphins and Jets can pursue a big move over the next few years.

New England Patriots: Get Jamie Collins back

The Patriots don’t have much wrong with them and haven’t done in a fair few years. The only major issue is who they get to replace Tom Brady. They’re not going to get his replacement in this current pool of players so I have the Pats looking at the only other position they have an issue in, edge rusher. I feel the best option to solve this problem is to go and get Collins back from the Browns. He knows the system and roster over there, even if he doesn’t have the greatest of relationships with the franchise since they traded him away.

If Bill and the Pats decide not to open that can of worms, they can go for a safer option in Shane Ray from Denver. Ray is in the final year of his rookie deal and is considerably younger than Collins. He will also come a little cheaper as he has struggled with injuries over his career. The Pats could probably pick him up for a fifth-round pick and that pick doesn’t have to be for the next draft.

Miami Dolphins: Sell DeVante Parker

I apologize to all Dolphins fans for this as this is the most obvious one I have chosen so far. The writing is all over the wall on this one and it makes the most sense. The Dolphins are currently demanding a third rounder for Parker; however, the Dolphins aren’t the greatest in negotiating a good deal when it comes to star receivers so I reckon he could be picked up for a fourth or maybe a fifth if you leave it to the last minute.

I must say this isn’t the best move for the Dolphins as you create a depth issue at the position if you trade Parker away and that’s the last thing Miami needs as they look to push their way into those precious wildcard positions. However, the move does make sense because of everything that’s been said in the media and that’s just not good for the locker room atmosphere, so Parker has to go.


New York Jets: Buy DeVante Parker

This was quite easy! I always feel like picking a trade between two divisional rivals seems cheap, however, this suits the Jets to a tee.

Picking up Parker for relatively cheap and adding him to Sam Darnold’s arsenal of weapons will only benefit the franchise in the long run. The Jets suffered a big loss in their running game when Bilal Powell suffered a serious injury so adding a quality weapon for rookie Darnold to find makes perfect sense.

Buffalo Bills: Sell LeSean McCoy

The Buffalo Bills aren’t reaching the postseason and won’t be for a few seasons. They overachieved last year and they won’t be doing the same for a while. McCoy is still amongst the best backs in the league and now that he is reaching the latter stages of his career, he deserves to be released to a team where he can shine in the postseason once again.

However, this move may never happen because the Bills are asking for a stupid amount for their star player and no one is going to bite on this as Dallas did with Amari Cooper. Anything more than a 3rd rounder for McCoy is overpaying and I really hope someone gets him out of Buffalo because he doesn’t deserve to waste in this poor roster.