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The AFC West is a division that has produced a couple of shock factors this season. The Chiefs have been the surprise success story from the division and the Chargers aren’t far behind them. In another division, the Broncos wouldn’t be doing too badly but the Raiders have been shocking, you could put them in a division by themselves and they would still miss out on the postseason.

Kansas City Chiefs: Buy Patrick Peterson

The Chiefs have been one of the best teams in the league this season and they definitely do not look like slowing down anytime soon. Their offence is currently perfect and they shouldn’t touch that unless the Grim Reaper appears and injures four or five players at once. Their defence, however, is quite leaky, especially thanks to their poor secondary. If they really believe they can become one of the big boys for years to come, they have to be willing to throw some big future picks and get a star cornerback.

That star cornerback is Patrick Peterson. The guy is just out of this world at what he does and doesn’t deserve to be failing with Arizona, even if he did ‘commit’ his future with them earlier this week. Kansas would have to negotiate the contract a bit but if they really mean business, they’ll throw a first and second-round pick in the direction of Arizona and go get that ring.

Los Angeles Chargers: Sell a Wide Receiver

Philip Rivers and the Chargers have been quite good this year. The veteran quarterback has been on fire and that’s thanks to his stacked core of receivers. The core may actually be too stacked and rather than keep putting Travis Benjamin on the inactive list, they should look to deal the deep threat receiver for a late round pick, which will probably come in handy more than keeping Benjamin on the books.

Other than that, the Chargers are set for a push to the postseason and they shouldn’t do anything risky.


Denver Broncos: Sell half the team

Now, obviously that suggestion is a joke but it does seem Denver aren’t rejecting advances from teams such as the Eagles who have enquired about a number of players. Add in the fact that a Demaryius Thomas trade looks likely and Shane Ray could also be a name who moves on, we could be in a similar situation in Denver as there is in Oakland and New York right now.

Shane Ray makes the most sense to move on as they just invested in another edge rusher talent in Bradley Chubb and Ray struggles with injuries. Why not go and sell him to a team for a late round pick and give Chubb a bit more freedom to work with because he is an absolute monster.

Oakland Raiders: Sell Jon Gruden

Honestly, I can’t think of a better thing to do than get rid of Gruden in Oakland. I have written a piece on him already and how he needs to leave before he kills the Raiders completely. He got rid of Khalil Mack in the summer, has recently given Amari Cooper to the Cowboys and has basically said he’ll trade everyone on his team. If he carries on it will just be him and Derek Carr left at training.

In all seriousness, I think the best bet for Oakland is to move Jordy Nelson on for a fifth-round pick and consider moving former first-rounder Gareon Conley as he really hasn’t shown why he was worthy of a first-round pick. They could probably pick up a second rounder for Conley but your imagination can run wild with what Gruden could potentially do before the deadline hits.