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As arguably the best wide receiver available, Tee Higgins’ free agency should be fascinating to watch this offseason. Nobody is saying that he’s one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history. But Higgins has been overshadowed by Ja’Marr Chase over the last few seasons. As a free agent, he’ll finally have a chance to be the top target on a team.

Tee Higgins Best Free Agent Destinations

Before making a Tee Higgins free agency prediction, it’s important to look at some of his possible destinations. Considering how much he’ll be worth on the open market, not every team will be able to afford him.

Also, not every team will offer him the chance to be a true no. 1 receiver. With that in mind, let’s take a deep dive into Tee Higgins’ free agency, including the teams with the best chance of signing him and how much his contract will be worth.


There’s a decent chance that Higgins will stay in Cincinnati in 2024. The Bengals have the option of using the franchise tag on him to keep him for one more season.

They also have the cap space to make him a competitive offer. The question is whether the Bengals would pay Higgins like a no. 1 receiver knowing that Chase is still their top target and will need to be re-signed soon as well.



Surely, Carolina knows that the best thing for Bryce Young is having a proven receiver like Higgins at his disposal. Of course, since new head coach Dave Canales spent last season with the Buccaneers, the Panthers might target Mike Evans over Higgins.

But that doesn’t mean Carolina won’t try to be the highest bidder for Higgins.


Despite winning back-to-back Super Bowls, the Chiefs need a bonafide no. 1 receiver. Obviously, Higgins is a different type of receiver than Tyreek Hill, who Kansas City has struggled to replace over the past two seasons.

But Higgins would still give Patrick Mahomes a reliable target on the outside to pair with Rashee Rice. Kansas City also has the cap space to afford Higgins if the team decides that wide receiver should be a priority.


Much like the Panthers, the Titans have a young quarterback and need a no. 1 receiver to help him. At this point, DeAndre Hopkins is more of a complementary receiver, although he and Higgins would certainly be a good tandem.


It’s also worth noting that Higgins is from Tennessee and grew up a few hours from Nashville. If the Titans pursue him, Higgins would have the opportunity to play close to home, which could sway his decision.


Jacksonville also offers an obvious fit for Higgins. The Jaguars have a strong roster in place but still need a no. 1 wide receiver. Going to Jacksonville would also give Higgins the opportunity to play with his former college teammate Trevor Lawrence.

Higgins has seen firsthand the chemistry between Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase after the two played in college. He might be intrigued by the possibility of creating a similar situation with Lawrence in Jacksonville, making the Jaguars a perfect fit to sign Higgins this offseason.

Contract Projection

Higgins is surely set up for a big payday no matter where he ends up. He’s going to be worth close to $25 million per season, especially if he has several suitors that will drive up his price.

At age 25, Higgins will be worth a long-term deal, although he may not want to tie himself up for too long, giving himself another chance to hit the open market before he’s out of his prime. With that in mind, Higgins will likely get a four-year deal that comes close to $100 million.

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