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The NFC East is the division that means the most to me. I support the Eagles and we haven’t been the greatest of defending champions, so a couple of big moves in the coming days would really show our intent. The Redskins have quietly gone about their business and are looking quite good at the top of the division. The Cowboys have already made their big move this trade window but the key team to watch in this is the 1-6 New York Giants.

Washington Redskins: Add a receiver

The Skins have looked very good this season; however, they still have a fair bit to do before they can be taken as a deep postseason team. One of the major problems that have plagued the team over the past two years is the fact they haven’t got a number one guy in their receiving group.

If reports are to be taken truthfully, then it seems Washington missed out on Amari Cooper to their divisional rivals Dallas. That was their chance to get a main receiver, especially one that was actively looking for a move away. They could take a chance on DeVante Parker but the best choice out there for the Skins is to go to Denver and make a trade for either Demaryius Thomas or Emmanuel Sanders. Like, I’ve said previously Thomas would cost a fourth rounder, however, Sanders will probably cost a little more.

Philadelphia Eagles: Trade for multiple players

The Eagles have really disappointed me in various positions. This is why they need to go out and splash on star players whilst they can. They currently have Carson Wentz tied down to his cheap rookie deal so Philadelphia can afford to go and break the bank to fix the issues they currently have.

The main issue right now is the secondary. Every quarterback Philly have come up against has smoked them in the air and Jalen Mills has had a tough time. The Eagles should go and break the bank and rescue Patrick Peterson from Arizona.


Another position which has a major problem right now is the running back position. With Darren Sproles constantly out with injuries and losing Jay Ajayi to a season-ending injury, Philly are currently having to play both Clement and Smallwood who aren’t franchise leading guys. McCoy has to be an option.

A final position where it seems the front office are looking to improve is wide receiver.

Dallas Cowboys: Do Nothing

First off, I have to apologize for selling out with this one.

However, there is a reason why the Cowboys sorted their main issue out when they traded a first rounder for Raiders receiver Amari Cooper. There just isn’t anything that the Cowboys can really do right now to improve their side.

If I was to suggest a position, they could maybe risk a move for it would be tight end as they’ve never truly replaced Jason Witten. However, your guess is as good as mine on who they could go out and get.


New York Giants: Hope for the Second Coming

The Giants are in a horrid state right now. In my opinion, they drafted wrongly in last year’s draft when they should have gone and got Eli Manning‘s replacement. That’s not me saying Saquon Barkley is bad, that’s far from it, I just feel getting a high-class quarterback talent would have been more beneficial to the team.

Speaking of Eli, I would suggest to trade him, however, who would honestly take him? No one in their right mind would throw a high round pick or two at him and throw in the fact that the Giants gave him a no-trade clause in that contract he somehow managed to get.

It’s been rumoured that the Giants are currently shopping everyone on their defence if it’s for the right price, so do they sell high-class talents like Landon Collins or do they just do nothing and hope they draft incredibly well?