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Diving into Caris LeVert’s trade market after news of the Pacers’ potential rebuild

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Caris LeVert trade rumors 2021 are appearing all over the internet right now. The swingman has drawn plenty of interest over the past couple of seasons and now that he’s officially available, we don’t expect him to stay with the Indiana Pacers for too long.

Caris LeVert trade rumors 2021

The Pacers roster in 2021 isn’t good enough to compete. But they’re not bad enough to tank, either. So, the front office made the tough choice to finally embrace a full rebuild and part ways with LeVert, Myles Turner, and/or Domantas Sabonis.

The road ahead will be long and not so pretty for the Pacers but at least they have three valuable assets that could bring in some nice value in return.

Many teams are in need of a scorer that can take the ball up the floor and play at least average defense. Caris LeVert checks all those boxes. That’s why today, we’re going to let you know about the 3 destinations that would make the most sense for him right now.

3. Nets

Caris LeVert broke out with the Brooklyn Nets before they acquired their trio of superstars. In reality, there was no way of keeping him around, nor enough touches in the offense to get him involved. That might have changed with Kyrie Irving out of town.


The Nets have two of the best scorers in the world so maybe they’re not among the best LeVert trade fits at first glance. However, they lack another player who can create his own shot and another consistent outside scorer besides Patty Mills. Also, it doesn’t seem like Joe Harris will be back on the court any time soon.

LeVert’s presence would open up a lot of space for Kevin Durant and James Harden‘s drives. He would force opposing defenses to stay near the perimeter and his ability as a slasher would be great with Harden’s playmaking. He’s a no-brainer add, although it could cost them a promising player like Cam Thomas.

2. Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers added Caris LeVert to the list of players they’d consider trading in a hypothetical Ben Simmons trade. They also inquired about Malcolm Brogdon in the past, although those talks never gained any traction.

Without LeVert, Turner, and/or Sabonis, the Pacers roster in 2021 is pretty much full of role players. But, should they be willing to give up a couple of picks, then maybe they could land Ben Simmons to become the centerpiece of their rebuild.


Once again, that’s unlikely as no rebuilding team will want to part ways with draft picks. But maybe, moving LeVert and Brogdon with a couple of spare parts will be just enough for them to pair Sabonis and Simmons and compete in the Eastern Conference right away, though any deal involving Brogdon cannot be completed until the offseason.

1. Cavaliers

Among all of the LeVert trade fits, perhaps the Cleveland Cavaliers make the most sense.

They’ve been better than expected and look like a team that could mess around and make the playoffs. And that’s even after Collin Sexton fell with an injury.

The Cavaliers are playing top-notch defense and their trio of big men has done an outstanding job of dominating the glass and keeping their rivals away from the paint. But they need another scoring threat besides Darius Garland, and that’s where Caris LeVert could come in handily.

Cleveland could part ways with Isaac Okoro, who has been often hurt and unimpressive through his brief career in the league, but who has enough upside to at least make the Pacers consider this offer. Maybe, they could even send Kevin Love with a pick or two and the Pacers could just buy him out once and for all.

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