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The Boston Celtics have not been able to get past the Conference Finals in the past decade. After four appearances and finishing 1st in the division 3 times, the Celtics have been so close. Today, we will talk about the Boston Celtics schedule 2021-2022, their potential record, and the off-season.

Celtics schedule 2021-22

With the loss of Kemba Walker, the addition of Dennis Schroder, and a young superstar like Jayson Tatum in the making, we can look at what this upcoming season for the legendary franchise might look like.

Last season

In the 2020-2021 season, the Celtics were average. Literally. With a win-loss of 36-36, this team really seemed to underperform. Although, you could chalk it up to Walker missing almost half of the season and Tatum having no help. Hopefully, these problems will be fixed this go-around.


The biggest hit to this team was obviously the loss of Kemba Walker. He could undoubtedly be a star player on any team he goes to, but after only playing 99 games over 2 seasons you could say the Walker era in Boston was a failure.

Despite that, let’s look at the positives. Jayson Tatum just easily came off of his best year yet. The team also added Dennis Schroder.

Even though his off-season situation got laughed at all over social media, I think we can all agree Boston got a very good deal here. Enes Kanter joined the team and they brought back Al Horford. The Celtics also have a promising young big man in Robert Williams. It looks like the upcoming Celtics could be a better team than people think.


This season

The Boston Celtics schedule 2021-2022 is looking manageable. It is ranked around the middle of the pack as far as strength of schedule goes. It looks like they peak around the middle of the season having to play 33 playoff teams in 52 games during the height of the season.


We are also going back to an 82 game season rather than the 72 games from last year. A lot of promise is going into this young squad with Jayson Tatum leading the charge, Dennis Schroder being the new number two man on the court with a nice injury history, and a lot of valuable big men on this team I think the Celtics could handle most things thrown their way.

The future

After saying all of that, I still think this team might be missing a piece or two.

Tatum may not be getting all the help he needs from this squad. In today’s NBA, the Celtics might want to look at adding one more star to the team to keep up with teams like the Lakers and Nets. This era of basketball will leave you behind very fast and I hope the legendary franchise realizes that and keeps competing like they always have, even if that means spending a little more money.


No matter what happens, this franchise needs to make sure they keep Tatum for life. He has a lot of talent and should be the center of this team for a long time to come no matter the cost.


Coming back to 2021, I think the Celtics can be a really sneaky team, but I do not think this team is ready to contend for the Larry O’Brien trophy just yet. They would have to add some more talent before this season gets too deep if they wanted to change my mind.

I think a playoff spot is definitely going to be earned by this team but I predict they won’t make it past the Conference Semifinals with the current squad they are rocking with. I think Tatum and Schroder will have their best year yet. Tatum could even contend for MVP. My final prediction for the Celtics win total is 45-37.

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