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Five best landing spots if Chris Paul hits free agency in 2023

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With the Phoenix Suns reportedly looking to part ways with Chris Paul, the internet has jumped into with Chris Paul free agency 2023 rumors and takes. The Point God might become a free agent at the end of the month, and that’s obviously something to keep an eye on as all teams look to get better ahead of the upcoming season.

Chris Paul free agency 2023

Chris Paul is the true definition of a floor general. He was the undisputed best point guard in the league for years, and one might even say that he’s the last true pure point guard in basketball, a pass-first, defensive-minded kind of guy who’s an extension of the coach on the court.

But as great as Paul has always been, he’s not exactly young, and he’s struggled to stay on the court throughout the playoffs more often than not.

That could drive multiple teams away, even if he still can lead a contending team. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best five potential fits for him once he clears waivers — assuming he’s actually waived.

5. Phoenix Suns

There are multiple reports about the Suns offseason plans. Some state that they’re looking to bring back Paul even if they waive him, and they could sign him to a veteran minimum deal, which would pretty much be like restructuring a deal for NFL players.


They’re also reportedly looking to trade Deandre Ayton after another string of subpar performances in the postseason. The Suns need to retool and add more depth, and that’s going to be almost impossible to do with four guys making north of $30 million on their payroll.

Paul played a vital role in their culture turnaround. He helped them reach the NBA Finals for the first time since the Charles Barkley era. And even though he was often hurt in the postseason, he earned the right to get one final dance in the Valley of the Sun.

4. Los Angeles Clippers

Oh, how the tables turn. Chris Paul free agency 2023 gives the Los Angeles Clippers an opportunity to re-sign the best point guard in franchise history, although it seems like things didn’t exactly end well between the franchise and any of the players from the Lob City era.

The Clippers need to explore all their options at point guard. Russell Westbrook did a solid job and they claimed they want to retain him, but that was before the prospect of making a run at Chris Paul even became a possibility, so they might look to reconsider now.

Paul led the franchise through their transition to contention. Some fans might still cherish those memories, and they need to get over the hump once and for all. On the other hand, maybe adding another injury-prone star to a roster already featuring Kawhi Leonard and Paul George isn’t the wisest idea.


3. Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics need to take a deep look in the mirror and figure out what to do next. Should they break up Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum? Should they sign Brown to the largest contract extension in the history of the game? Could they blow it up?

Whatever the case, the need for another starting-caliber point guard will be there, especially if they move on from Brown and allow either Marcus Smart or Malcolm Brogdon to play at the two. Chris Paul is a perfect fit for them on both ends of the floor.

Brown’s ball-handling hurt the team more often than not. You would be giving them one of the best playmakers this game has ever seen, a guy that can give Tatum the ball in the spots he needs it to be successful, and even Robert Williams III would thrive offensively off the pick-and-roll.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

Now that we might get to witness a Chris Paul free agent saga again, Los Angeles Lakers fans might finally get the chance to fulfil their dream of having him wearing the purple and gold jersey. Too bad it could happen more than a decade later than that expected.

Paul is close friends with LeBron James, and the word around the league is that The King isn’t thrilled with D’Angelo Russell. The Lakers will look for a new point guard somewhere else, and they could find one at a major discount.

CP3 already knows what it’s like to live in Los Angeles, and playing side-by-side with LeBron will obviously give him a solid shot at finally winning a ring before walking away from the game. He’s not the same guy he was in 2011, but he can still contribute at a high level.

1. Chicago Bulls

It’s been a while since the Chicago Bulls were able to lure the best players hitting free agency, at least when they were still in their primes. With that in mind, they could continue that trend by overpaying for an aging Chris Paul out of pure desperation.

Patience is running out on the Arturas Karnisovas regime. This was supposed to be the dawn of a new era in the Windy City, and the early results have been mediocre at best. That’s why they’re likely to try and make a big splash and overpay for veterans to try and make a playoff run.

Reports state that Lonzo Ball might never play professional basketball again. He’s not coming back from injury any time soon, and the Bulls have a huge need at PG. He already knows Billy Donovan from his lone season in OKC, so don’t rule this out.

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