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Comparing the 2024 First Round Quarterbacks with Active NFL QBs

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What should we make of the 2024 NFL Draft quarterbacks? A record six quarterbacks were selected within the first 12 selections. One way or another, this is going to be a quarterback class that we talk about for a long time. Of course, any discussion about whether any of the six end up being considered among the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history is a long way away.

Who Do the 2024 Quarterbacks Compare to Among Current QBs?

However, the QB comparisons for this year’s class can begin. Rather than worrying about the Allen vs Mahomes debate, we wanted to look at who the 2024 NFL Draft quarterbacks remind us of from today’s NFL.

Time will only tell if things play out like this, but here are some early QB comparisons for the class of 2024.

Caleb Williams – Patrick Mahomes

While undeniably lofty, some have compared Caleb Williams to superstar Patrick Mahomes. Naturally, it’d be foolish to think that any rookie could come close to replicating what Mahomes has done. However, Williams has plenty of arm talent and has showcased the improv skills outside the pocket that make some folks think of Mahomes.

Keep in mind that Williams won the Heisman in 2022 and has elite potential at the next level, so it’s not a far-fetched comparison, even if it sets the bar for Williams impossibly high.


Jayden Daniels – Lamar Jackson

With his propensity for being a better runner than a passer, it’s hard not to look at Jayden Daniels as a younger version of Lamar Jackson. Certainly, early in his career, Jackson was that type of quarterback. To his credit, Daniels continued to improve his completion percentage in college, especially after he transferred from Arizona State to LSU.

At the same time, he also ran for over 3,300 yards over five college seasons. In fact, his most rushing yards came last season when Daniels rushed for over 1,100 yards despite also passing for over 3,800 yards. That makes it hard not to view him similarly to Jackson coming out of college.

Drake Maye – Justin Herbert

With his size, arm strength, and impressive numbers in college, it’s not hard to compare Drake Maye to Justin Herbert. Maye isn’t quite as tall as Herbert. He’s also considerably better with his legs whereas Herbert is better off standing in the pocket.

But Maye is certainly a far better passer than a runner and can pick teams apart from the pocket.

Michael Penix Jr. – Tua Tagovailoa

There aren’t a lot of left-handed quarterbacks in the NFL, so it’s hard not to compare Michael Penix Jr. to Tua Tagovailoa. But this comp is about more than just being left-handed.


Both Penix and Tagovailoa have impressive arm strength and throw a great deep ball. Also, both are a little undersized and show some elusiveness outside of the pocket without being running quarterbacks because both are wise to avoid taking too many hits.

J.J. McCarthy – Kirk Cousins

Ironically, J.J. McCarthy draws a strong comparison to Kirk Cousins, his predecessor in Minnesota. Of course, McCarthy is a lot more athletic and mobile than Cousins, who rarely fled the pocket.

But McCarthy fits the mold of a trustworthy game manager who isn’t going to blow you away with talent but is also going to limit his mistakes and let his receivers do the work. Cousins has made a nice living being that type of player, so there’s nothing wrong with McCarthy following that path.

Bo Nix – Dak Prescott

Obviously, Sean Payton sees a little bit of Drew Brees in Bo Nix. But among current quarterbacks, Nix compares best to Dak Prescott.

They are roughly the same height, although Prescott has a lot more strength and muscle. One could say that both Nix and Prescott are at their best when they’re on the move. Both can extend plays in order to find receivers while also scrambling to pick up yards.

Fittingly, Prescott was overlooked as a fourth-round pick while some believe Nix was a reach at no. 12 overall. Much like Prescott, Nix figures to have critics that he will look to prove wrong.

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