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Contract extension places enormous pressure on Dak Prescott and the Cowboys

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Finally, it is done. Dak Prescott has signed a long-term extension with the Dallas Cowboys, and what an extension is it.

Prescott and the Cowboys agreed on a four-year deal worth $160 million which includes an astonishing $126 million in guaranteed money and also has two unique clauses. The first is the Cowboys are never allowed to place a franchise tag on Prescott again, the other is a no-trade clause which is now becoming the norm.

Throughout his four-year deal, Prescott is slated to make an average of $42 million a season and has a $66 million signing bonus to go along with that. Surely now the expectation is for Dak to take Dallas to a Super Bowl win.

Now whether you think Dak is worth that amount of money is irrelevant, the fact is Prescott simply got what the market dictated, and it does make you wonder why Jerry Jones waited so long to sign his quarterback when it was clear he did not want to give Dak this much money. Yet he gave it to him anyway.

If last season showed us anything, it was how valuable Prescott was to the organization as Dallas stuttered and stumbled along to eventually miss the playoffs. Perhaps that played on Jones’ mind, but the fact is the Cowboys were unrecognisable without Prescott.


With Prescott signing a new deal, it ends all the speculation over his future and now allows Dallas to focus on other areas of the team for the upcoming season and we all know where they should strengthen: The defense.

The other thing that perhaps has gone unnoticed is that Prescott’s new contract only has a cap hit of $22.2 million this season and that allows for greater movement when it comes to possible free-agent acquisitions.

Finally, this long, drawn-out saga is over and although I can not speak for the rest of Cowboy Nation, I for one am glad to have Dak under centre for the next four years. Will he be able to play up to the level his new contract demands? In the next four years, Dallas will have to win at least one Super Bowl to justify giving Dak that amount of money.

Is Prescott capable of carrying the Cowboys to a Super Bowl? That is a question that still divides an entire fanbase.

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