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Dallas Cowboys should not rule out a trade for Deshaun Watson

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When the news came out the Houston Texan’s quarterback Deshaun Watson requested a trade, everyone around the league took notice.

This does not happen, well not in the NFL anyway. A 25-year-old quarterback simply does not get traded or ask to be traded. Once they are drafted, that is the team they usually stay with and when their contract is up, they get re-signed and not franchise tagged.

So with that being said, with the current contract situation with Dak Prescott, could the Dallas Cowboys trade for Watson? Realistically probably not, but the idea is not as farfetched as it sounds.

Watson is clearly in the top five quarterbacks in the league and if you ask Cowboy nation who they would rather spend $40 plus million on, Watson would be the overwhelming favourite. Owner Jerry Jones did say that Dak has all the leverage in contract talks but if there was a possibility of getting Watson, surely that would pique Jones’ interest.

Watson wants out of Houston

It is no secret now that Watson wants out, after becoming disgruntled with Houston’s front office and after numerous decisions in which he was not consulted on. The Nick Caserio hire and then the decision to trade away Deandre Hopkins, his No.1 receiver and best friend, for essentially a bag of Twisties and a can of Coke, particularly angered Watson.


So is there a realistic chance that Dallas could get a trade done for Watson? Probably not.

But is it doable?

There is clearly tension between Dak and Jerry Jones over the contract situation. After months and months of negotiations, Prescott was franchise tagged for the 2020 season.

Despite Dak putting up decent numbers and clearly having the backing of the locker room, a contract still is not signed. If he has not signed by now, then perhaps he never will be.

Potential Cowboys trade package for Deshaun Watson

So what exactly would it take to lure Watson to Dallas? At face value, it seems all too much, but if we dig a little deeper, then that is where a potential trade could materialize.


Dallas would have to give up their first-round pick in this year’s draft (currently No.10) as well as most likely two more first-rounders for the next couple of drafts. Picks alone will not get it done. Dallas would have to give a player as well.

One name that has been floated around is Michael Gallup. Given the embarrassment of riches at wide receiver, Gallup could be used in the trade. That would still leave the Cowboys with Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb for Watson to throw to.

If the Cowboys lost their draft picks as well as Gallup, they would still come out on top in this deal as Watson is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and considering he is only 25, his best years are still ahead of him.

He has made three consecutive Pro bowls since his rookie year and last season finished second in passing yards with 4,823 and second in passer rating with 112.4. This was on a Texans team that finished 4-12 mind you. He can use his legs too and he already has three playoff appearances so Dallas would not be getting a player who has not felt the post-season pressure.

Could the Cowboys really trade for Watson?

In reality, the only way that this trade would even be thought about by the Cowboys is if the relationship between Dak and Jerry Jones was unrepairable, and Dallas seriously had to look for a new quarterback.

If Prescott does indeed decide to test the market, then Jerry Jones would need to be on the phone to the Texans front office and work out a deal. Even if Jerry sells out to get Watson, Dallas would still be winners in the trade because Watson is a true generational quarterback.

At this stage, a trade for one of the best quarterbacks in the league does not seem feasible, but could you imagine Dallas with Deshaun Watson under centre?

While it is a long shot and unlikely to happen, it sure is fun to think about.

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