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Damian Lillard is comfortably the best point guard in the NBA

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Since dropping 61 points on the Golden State Warriors, Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers have caught some serious fire.

Over the last ten games, Portland has gone 7-3 and Lillard’s game has reached a completely new level, as he is averaging an unbelievable 41.5 points whilst facilitating his teammates with 9.4 assists per night. This serious increase in productivity has certainly peaked the attention of many people around the league with some even trying to make a case as to Dame being this year’s MVP.

Has Lillard been slept on?

Yes, Dame has been slept on for years.

Since 2015, Lillard has averaged over 25 points and 6 assists per night leading the Trail Blazers to the playoffs along the way, but nobody gave him the real credit he deserved for carrying the franchise due to his lack of playoff experience.

Playoff bust?

Since Lillard came into the league back in 2012 the Trail Blazers have only missed out on the playoffs once which was his rookie season. Prior to him coming into the league, Portland had only made the playoffs three times since 2003. So clearly, he has had a huge impact in the fortunes of the Portland Trail Blazers and hasn’t been given enough credit for putting the franchise on his back over the last few years.


Whilst making the playoffs every year, the Trail Blazers struggled to make it passed the first round. Up until last year, he and CJ McCollum were known for having no postseason success. Although they have made the playoffs every year since 2013, they have only made it beyond the first round of the playoffs three times. This lack of postseason impact is why people have remained sceptical around Dame’s ability.

Big game Dame

Last season Lillard established himself as one of the three best point guards in the league. The Trail Blazers made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals beating Westbrook’s OKC and a very strong Denver Nuggets team in seven games.

Along this run, we discovered the bigger the moment the better Dame performed. He clinched the first round with a buzzer-beater from just past the logo with Paul George in his face.

In the next round Dame would finish the series averaging 25.1 points and 6.6 assists with 1.7 steals, demonstrating his impressive production in the post-season.

Ultimately, the Trail Blazers would be swept by the historically great Golden State Warriors. Portland was not entirely embarrassed though as they lost by three points in game two and two points in game four. The close nature of these two games proves how Dame’s game had matured even with the limited pieces around him.


Best point guard in the NBA

At the minute he is. The only other guard in the league who could consistently churning out this level of productivity is James Harden but with his increased productivity he has to sacrifice the facilitating part of his game. The continued facilitation that Dame is providing on a nightly basis is why this stretch of games should not be overlooked and solidifies his case of one of the elite players in the NBA.

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