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Five potential D’Angelo Russell trades before the 2023 deadline

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Even if you’re not a fan or are not following Timberwolves trade news right now, you must’ve heard about the never-ending D’Angelo Russell trade rumors in 2023. Once again, the former second-overall pick is reportedly on the trade block, and it sure makes sense.

Throughout the season, the former second-overall pick has averaged roughly 17 points and six dimes per game. While those numbers aren’t exactly bad for a third-scoring option, they’re definitely not what the Timberwolves had in mind when they agreed to absorb his massive contract from the Golden State Warriors.

It’s evident that the Timberwolves haven’t fared well in their transactions as of late, but there’s still a chance that they could straighten the ship and right this wrong. That would mean separating Karl-Anthony Towns from his lifelong buddy, though.

D’Angelo Russell trade rumors 2023

D’Angelo Russell hasn’t looked like the All-Star-caliber combo guard he was during his days with the Brooklyn Nets. Nonetheless, and even though he has vastly struggled since arriving in Minnesota, he’s still one of the best players available before the deadline.

We’ve mostly judged Russell for how high of a Draft pick he was and how hefty the expectations were, plus for his big salary. But it’s not like he can’t play or he’s an old player, so maybe all he needs is to fall into the right situation again.


With that in mind, multiple teams wouldn’t hesitate to take him off the Timberwolves’ hands if it comes down to that. They need to recoup some picks or assets after losing one of the most one-sided trades in NBA history, so it sure makes sense. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the likeliest D’Angelo Russell trade rumors in 2023.


The Dallas Mavericks regressed offensively when they lost Jalen Brunson. They lack someone who can pick up some of the slack when Luka Doncic is off the floor, and also another playmaker who could take some creating duties and responsibilities off his shoulders.

Spencer Dinwiddie is way better coming off the bench than starting, and pairing Doncic with D’Angelo Russell would sure give the Mavs an electric and dynamic backcourt, at least offensively. Of course, they would struggle to get some stops, but it’s most definitely worth the risk. Notably, they could get him in return for Davis Bertans and Christian Wood.


The Phoenix Suns have been a hot mess for most of the season, and it’s evident they need to do something if they want to keep their contention hopes alive. So, Russell has already teamed up with one of his two best friends and it didn’t work out, so he might as well try his luck with the other: Devin Booker.

The Suns could get the Ohio State standout in a trade for Cameron Payne, Dario Saric, Jae Crowder, and a second-round pick. They’d finally get Crowder off their roster, and the Timberwolves would add plenty of depth and serviceable role players to help them make a playoff push, rather than holding on to Russell and then losing him for nothing in free agency.



The Indiana Pacers were expected to be buyers ahead of this year’s trade deadline. But they’ve been much better than projections stated, so they might well look to add more firepower and orchestrate a deep playoff run. Should that be the case, then they could add the former All-Star next to Tyrese Haliburton.

The Pacers could get Russell in a trade for T.J. McConnell and Buddy Hield, who’s likely to leave at some point anyway. Russell may not be thrilled with the idea of playing for another small-market team, but he could make the most of that platform to drive his value up after some down years, especially considering he’s just months away from hitting free agency again.


The Miami Heat have been linked to nearly every single big name in the Association for quite some time now. Pat Riley is reportedly desperate to land another star, but he’s swung for the fences and missed on every opportunity. However, if you know Riley, you’re aware that he won’t go down without a fight and will continue to look for more firepower.

Kyle Lowry has been a bust for the Heat, all things considered. So, in this scenario, Timberwolves and Heat swap busts hoping that a change of scenery could bring their former All-Star level back. It’s a gamble, but Minnesota can always try and get rid of Lowry again next season if things don’t pan out with him on the floor.


And last but not least, we find the Toronto Raptors, a team that even CJ McCollum reported is on the verge of a massive roster overhaul. The Raptors have failed to compete at the highest level this season, and even though their future seems quite bright, their veterans are reportedly sick and tired of the situation and would much rather take their talents somewhere else.

The Raptors could try and get Russell on board as their point guard for the future, shipping away Fred VanVleet and Khem Birch to do so. They could later resign him at a reasonable value, and they could offer him perhaps the biggest role among all teams potentially interested in his services.

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