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Davante Adams free agency 2022 is officially underway. Even if the Green Bay Packers use the franchise tag on him, that doesn’t mean that he can’t force his way out of Lambeau Field, assuming some things don’t go his way early in the offseason.

Adams’ free agent landing spots have flooded the internet for quite some time now. And even though there hasn’t been any traction regarding a deal, it’s not a secret that multiple franchises would kill to have one of the best three wideouts in the world.

But where will Adams play next season? What should his next contract look like? And more importantly, will the Packers be able to hold on to him with a franchise tag alone? Or will he threaten to sit out and force his way out of the team? Let’s break it down.

Davante Adams free agency 2022

Davante Adams‘ contract is expected to be historically high and lucrative, just like DeAndre Hopkins‘. According to Pro Football Focus, the Fresno State product could be looking at a four-year, $93 million contract with at least $52 million in fully guaranteed money. But if the Packers decide to use the franchise tag on him, he’s looking at $20 million for next season alone.

3. Packers

Davante Adams and the Green Bay Packers couldn’t agree to a contract extension. Moreover, it seemed like this past season was going to be ‘The Last Dance’ for him and Aaron Rodgers. But we can’t ignore the fact that Rodgers hasn’t officially stated that he’s leaving Lambeau.


Should Rodgers decide to stay and become the highest-paid player in the league as some predict, we just don’t see Adams swapping jerseys. They’ve developed some incredible rapport over the years and he’d like to run it back for at least another season.

There’s also the possibility that the Packers decide to play hardball, use the franchise tag on him, and refuse to trade either him, Rodgers, or both. That doesn’t seem likely right now as they could both threaten to sit out the season, but we’ve seen these things happen in the past.

2. Broncos

The Denver Broncos are reportedly looming around and calling Brian Gutekunst around the clock. They’re one quarterback away from being a legit Super Bowl contender and it’s not a secret that they want to get Aaron Rodgers by any means possible.

Should Rodgers decide that he wants to leave and play at Mile High, then the Packers could try and trade Adams in a package deal, assuming he agrees to sign an extension. That would be the best-case scenario for everybody involved in this move.

The Broncos just hired Nathaniel Hackett to be their next head coach. And if someone knows how to make the most of both Rodgers and Adams, that’s Hackett. Also, they’re one of the few teams with enough assets to actually pull the trigger on them.

1. Raiders

Davante Adams recently bought a $12 million mansion in one of Las Vegas’ top-tier neighborhoods. He was already tied to a move to Allegiant Stadium before that, so now the speculation is at an all-time high. If anything, he’s an obvious need for the Raiders.


Adams and Derek Carr go a long way back. They were one of the best duos in the nation when they played together at Fresno State, showing some chemistry and production that eventually led both of them to the National Football League. Needless to say, Carr would love to have him by his side again.

The Raiders lost Henry Ruggs III for already known reasons and could look to add another wideout in the offseason. Josh McDaniels is one of the best offensive minds in the league and it’d be interesting to see what he’d do with such a nice weapon.

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