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Dejounte Murray isn’t the right player for the Lakers to go all-in on

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It seems like one cannot scroll through a social media app without coming across countless Dejounte Murray to Lakers reports or stories. LeBron James is undoubtedly one of the greatest small forwards in NBA history, but he can also be a big burden for GMs.

The Los Angeles Lakers have always been used to nothing but greatness, with some of the best players to ever lace them up donning the purple and gold jersey. That’s why most Lakers trade targets are also unrealistic, and the trade offers their fans and insiders come up with are often borderline delusional.

Even so, it seems like they might be able to rob the Atlanta Hawks this time. According to most Hawks trade rumors, Murray is most likely going to be on his way out, and the Lakers have reportedly separated themselves from the rest of the pack in his sweepstakes.

Murray is obviously a very good player and should have a strong market for his services, especially if he’s about to become available. But is he the guy the Lakers need to turn things around? And more importantly, should they go all-in to get him? Let’s break it down.

Dejounte Murray to Lakers: Should they pull it off?

Murray has balled out this season. He averages 21.0 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 5.0 assists per game, but those numbers have trended up ever since he became a potential trade candidate. Also, we know he’s a Rich Paul and Klutch Sports client, so the rapport with LeBron James and Anthony Davis is most definitely there.


The Lakers have been in the market for a star-caliber point guard for quite a while now. The Russell Westbrook experiment was a failure, and they couldn’t land Kyrie Irving, so they pivoted to D’Angelo Russell, who has gotten mixed reviews thus far.

Russell has left a lot to be desired in the playoffs, whereas Murray has proven to be a clutch scorer, even knocking down back-to-back game-winners this season. Then again, Russell has also averaged almost 28 points per game since getting back in the starting lineup, so this might not be the right time to get rid of him.

Even if Russell’s numbers are a fluke, going all-in for Murray comes with certain risks. He has some well-documented character and coachability issues, and the press aren’t going to take it lightly on him in Los Angeles. If he goes back and forth with fans and haters on social media, how will he handle the pressure of being a Laker?

Also, Murray hasn’t played defense since leaving the San Antonio Spurs. He used to lock players up on that side of the floor, but it seems like he’s given up on that to become a better scorer. That’s the last thing the Lakers need at this moment.

People also need to consider the fact that the Lakers don’t have appealing or valuable trade assets. As much as Lakers fans think the rest of the league has an obligation to take their scraps and spare parts, the reality is that you won’t get a star player in return for Jalen Hood-Schifino, Scottie Pippen Jr., and a 2029 late-first-round pick.


The Lakers are high on Austin Reaves, but they won’t be able to get Murray without parting ways with him and some other valuable rotation pieces. Reaves might not be a star, but he’s on a reasonable contract, and you need depth in the playoffs.

To summarize and answer the question, yes, the Lakers should pursue Murray, but only at the right price. His skills aren’t going to solve the many issues of Darvin Ham‘s team, and they should prioritize other things instead.

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