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Potential Dennis Schroder trade fits and how a deal would impact the Celtics

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At the start of his career, many experts felt that Dennis Schroder was a highly rated future superstar. They expected him to be the next big thing out of Atlanta. However, eight years into his career, after switching teams thrice, the Dennis Schroder trade rumors 2021-22 are ramping up again.

The German point guard has not found a suitable place for himself ever since he left Oklahoma City for the Lakers. Under the guidance of Chris Paul and his partnership with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, OKC was arguably the one team where the style of play seemed perfect. He even had his most efficient seasons in terms of field goal percentage and 3-point percentage with them. However, Schroder’s career has taken a sharp fall ever since he left the Thunder.

After a hard-fought season where he failed to impress the front office in crucial playoff games, the Lakers decided not to offer him the contract extension that he wanted. Which eventually led to him signing for the Boston Celtics.

Now, after he has clearly not impressed Boston’s front office and their fans, Schroder might yet again be on the move.

Dennis Schroder trade rumors 2021-22

According to CBS Sports, the Boston Celtics are open to considering the possibility of trading Schroder.


They brought Schroder onto the roster to bolster their chances of making the Eastern Conference Finals. However, ever since he has joined the roster it seems like the team is struggling even more. The All-Star duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown needed a third piece to compete with the other big threes in the league. And from the looks of it, Schroder has not so far been the answer to their problems.

A look at potential Dennis Schroder trade fits

Teams like the Los Angeles Clippers and the Brooklyn Nets could be interested in acquiring Schroder’s services. The Clippers have not seen their star player Kawhi Leonard on the floor even once this season. As a result, Paul George has lacked the reliable second option which has lost them a few games. If the Clippers wish to make the playoffs this season, Dennis Schroder’s addition to the roster could be the answer for them.

However, even the Brooklyn Nets could make Schroder their prime target at the trade deadline. Considering that Schroder is currently under contract just one year, they could bring him on as a short-term replacement of Kyrie Irving. Moreover, with Kyrie’s future remaining uncertain, one short-term solution for the Nets could be Schroder.

Boston Celtics trade deadline plans

Due to a rough start to the season, the Celtics have not been an above-average team this season. At the moment, their record is 13-14 and they look nowhere close to being a championship-contending team. One would expect that since this team has two All-Stars, they should be in contention.

However, they do not have a playmaker on this roster. Marcus Smart is a better defender than a playmaker, yet he is leading the team in assists made.


Schroder was supposed to fulfil that role for the exceptional All-Star forward duo. Since he has clearly not fulfilled that expectation, is it time for the Celtics to show Schroder the exit door? December 15 marks the date when he is eligible for a trade if the Celtics wish to do so. Do you think Schroder will fight his way back to form or is his time over with the Celtics?

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