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Three potential trade destinations for Spencer Dinwiddie

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The NBA is currently going through unprecedented times with the recent Coronavirus outbreak. This has allowed us to look to the future and how the Nets could line up next season with Kevin Durant back from injury partnered alongside Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan.

Once this trio finally gets to play together it got us wondering if it would be enough to win the 2021 championship or would the Nets need to add other pieces around this core and where would this leave Spencer Dinwiddie?

Dinwiddie’s career year

In Kyrie’s absence, Dinwiddie has really found his feet running the Nets offence. He’s averaging a career-high 24.8 points per night in the games Kyrie has missed. When Kyrie is back Dinwiddie’s production suffers a huge hit which sees him average just over 15 points a night showing he struggles to find a rhythm in the game when used a rotational player. So where could Dinwiddie find himself in the coming season?

Potential trade destinations


It is no secret that the Lakers have been looking for a point guard who can continue production whilst LeBron and Anthony Davis are off the court and there have been many rumours surrounding who the Los Angeles Lakers could possibly sign.


Dinwiddie looks to be a good fit for the Lakers and could be more accepting of a secondary role in a team such as the Lakers, who are current title contenders. By trading for Dinwiddie, the Lakers could position themselves to maintain pace with other teams once LeBron retires. When LeBron does eventually retire Dinwiddie could have established a solid chemistry with AD, ensuring the Lakers will still be a playoff contender at least.


If the Lakers were to trade for Dinwiddie it would most certainly need to include Kyle Kuzma and would be very difficult to conduct a trade due to the salary cap of both teams so to make this deal it would include a serious roster shakeup.


A return to the team which drafted Dinwiddie could be a possibility. The Detroit Pistons are currently struggling with a record of 20-46. It is apparent something is not clicking and a rebuild could well and truly be on the cards. Detroit has a number of injury prone players none more so than Blake Griffin who is on a huge contract and has only featured in 270 games out of 410 in the last five years.

If Detroit commits to an entire rebuild acquiring a player such as Dinwiddie would be a great start. The Pistons would get a high-level guard who can facilitate as well as score, proven by his statistics this season where his production significantly increased while Kyrie was injured. At the age of 26, there is still the possibility of him improving and showing the Detroit faithful why they were wrong to trade him in the first place.


In a like for like deal the Nets could also be winners in this trade with Derrick Rose moving to Brooklyn they would attain the services of a seasoned pro who is out to prove to that he is not done with the NBA just yet.



The Pelicans are likely to be a title-contending team in the future. For now, they are a very exciting basketball team to watch with a young core of Lonzo Ball, Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram.

Zion and BI seem to be coming of age in the NBA with PERs of 24.3 and 19.3. It is apparent Lonzo hasn’t quite reached the same level although he has averaged seven assists per night. We all understand his style of play is facilitating over points scoring but just seven assists per night with a scoring output of 12.4 points does begin to raise a question about his ability to lead a team’s offensive unit.


With the increased scoring ability of Dinwiddie compared to Lonzo it looks like he could be a good fit in New Orleans and with the prospect of playing with this years number one pick in the draft and a host of young talent it could be tempting for Dinwiddie to make the move there. New Orleans would have to sacrifice the defensive output of Lonzo for an increased scoring ability in Dinwiddie.

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