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Eagles WR Alshon Jeffrey could be moving on this offseason

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It’s looking increasingly likely that Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery will be moving on this offseason.
The 29-year-old could be leaving the Eagles after just three seasons at the Lincoln Financial Field after reports suggesting he could be on his way out have emerged in the last couple of days.

Whilst this isn’t a nailed down news report, the rumour is pretty strong and has been talked about quite a bit recently, which is why it is becoming more of a possibility that Philadelphia will move the veteran WR on before the 2020 season begins. If the Eagles do let Jeffery go, they would have to replace him, he’s been a starter for them – playing in 10 games this campaign – and they will miss him in the WR position, despite most of the Eagles fans not wanting him in the team.

In the 2019 season, Jeffery had 43 receptions for a total of 490 yards and a very respectable 4 touchdowns to his name, but this does not show the whole story of his season: Jeffery scored two touchdowns in Week 1 before getting banged up in Week 2. Jeffery returned in Week 4 but the injury seemingly lingered because he looked hobbled and not very effective.

2019 review

 Jeffery had three bad drops in Week 9 before suffering a foot injury that caused him to miss multiple games. He then had a good game against the Miami Dolphins in Week 13 before then suffering a season-ending Lisfranc injury in Week 14. He was placed on injured reserve and the offense started to look better without him.

Due to Howie Roseman inexplicably guaranteeing Jeffery’s 2020 money prior to the 2019 season, the Eagles are in a really bad spot with his contract Cutting him means $26.1 million in dead money.  But how can the Eagles bring back a WR that hasn’t been too effective whenever he’s played and also seemingly anonymously criticized the teams starting quarterback two years in a row?


The Eagles will more than likely cut Jeffery for a number of reasons; age, how uneffective he’s been, him being injury prone, and the other options available to them. They can get a good, young WR in the draft or trade for one – either way it is hard to see Alshon being back for the Eagles in 2020.

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