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Evaluating potential teams for Cam Newton in the 2020 season

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has an uncertain future. From critics saying Carolina are moving on from him to the Panthers saying that he will return, this makes for a very good offseason surrounding Newton. A trade is possible.

Newton was the 2015 NFL MVP and is a three-time Pro Bowler, so he will be in high demand by several teams especially if he returns fully healthy.

At this current time Newton has passed for 29,041 yards and rushed for 4,806 yards in his nine seasons in the NFL while rushing for the most touchdowns by a quarterback ever with 58.

With the rumour mill spinning here are five potential trade destinations for Cam Newton…

Chicago Bears

With the Bears looking like they will pick up Trubisky’s fifth year option this doesn’t look likely. However, it isn’t impossible.


It’s safe to say that Trubisky hasn’t lived up to his second overall pick status. With players like Khalil Mack entering their prime at 28 years old, the Bears may not be able to afford to wait for Trubisky to grow. With a former league MVP like Cam Newton about it might be worth showing some interest.

Tennessee Titans

Newton would be a big upgrade for the Titans. Considering what they did last season plus the potential of adding Cam Newton, the Titans could become a force.

Newton would add another dimension to Tennessee’s offence. Yes, he isn’t the best thrower of the ball only having a 59.6% career completion rate, but as we saw in the season just gone the Titans don’t need to throw the ball a lot to win.

Adding Newton would give the team another runner alongside running back Derrick Henry.

This would then either open up chances for Henry or Newton to run the ball or the opposition would have to stack the box to stop the run which would open up the passing lanes.


New England Patriots

This move depends on two things: If Tom Brady leaves New England, if Cam can come back fully healthy.

With Bill Belichick, Newton will have a coach who will be able to take full advantage of his running ability and will be able to get the best out of him in the passing game.

However, the one big problem that the Patriots will have to solve is their weapons. One of the big reasons that Brady could be leaving is that his receivers were not catching the ball and that was with a great passer.

Also, they might need to fix up their offensive line as well, depending on how mobile Newton is after his injury.

Carolina Panthers

Even though this wouldn’t class as a trade, it is still a big possibility. The Panthers have said that they will keep Newton.

With Newton having currently played his entire career in Carolina and him being 30 this would make a lot of sense.

If Carolina could get Newton a couple of weapons paired with running back Christian McCaffery they could become a dangerous offence and could give Newton a lot more options.

On the defensive side, Carolina have lost an all-time great linebacker in Luke Kuechly. This will prove to be a big loss as Kuechly was the leader on defence and the Panthers will now need to start a rebuild on that side of the ball.

Los Angeles Chargers

Now that Philip Rivers is testing free agency a lot of quarterbacks will be linked with the Chargers. Plus, they do play in Los Angeles which is a big market and with a big market you need a big quarterback.

Apart from the team’s stature the Los Angeles Chargers also have a very good team, despite their disappointing 5-11 season the Chargers still have some promise with players like Joey Bosa, Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry plus the 6th overall pick in the draft.

With receivers like Allen and a running back like Melvin Gordan, Newton would have a very balanced offence to work with and a few good targets to throw to along with a good defence lead by Bosa.

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