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Famous NBA players who love gambling

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NBA players earn millions every year from the leagues as well as endorsements. They spend their fortune on luxurious homes, cars, and a beautiful lifestyle. Many players even invest in businesses.

There are also some players who want to have fun playing real money games with their hard-earned money. Well, for NBA fans, it can be a bit hard to accept their favorite player’s gambling activities, but it is true that some players can’t resist. Now that trustly casino platforms are available online, NBA players and everyone else can easily play their favorite casino games.

This article will tell you about some popular NBA stars who are also fond of gambling.

Michael Jordan

He is the biggest star in NBA history. He acquired a lot of attention for his competitiveness in the game. His urge to win in every game has also led him to the exciting world of casinos. His gambling journey may not be as successful as his sports career, but there is no stopping for him.

According to several reports, he has lost over a million dollars playing poker and betting on sports. He is often seen in Atlantic City casinos when he feels like trying his luck. Losses of millions do not harm his whopping worth of $1.5 billion, but you should take care when playing casino games.


Shawn Marion

This 43-year NBA athlete played sixteen seasons in the league. Now he is retired, but Marion was known as “The Matrix for his versatility and sportsmanship.” As a basketball player, he has received great success in his long career, but his gambling life is also worth talking about.

This NBA star is a fan of poker games. He was seen in World Poker Tournaments and World Series of Poker. He has also hosted Celebrity Poker Tournaments to raise funds for the charitable trust he owns, Shawn Marion Foundation.

J.R Smith

The stories of Smith winning two NBA championships are popular among fans, but his gambling stories are also interesting. A few years ago, his house was robbed, and thieves took his prizes and valuables.

In the stolen goods, he also mentioned a suitcase that had $15,000 in it. Upon asking why he had kept that money in a suitcase at home, Smith told the police that it was gambling money. He loves to play card games such as poker and blackjack. He has been many times playing high roller games at popular casinos.

Charles Barkley

Among other players listed in our article, this NBA star has lost the most money in gambling. His net worth is about $40 million, and he never cared about the $15 million he lost playing casino games in the SinCity.


He frequently visits casinos in Last Vegas to play high-rolling games. According to a report, Barkley lost over $2.5 million in one day playing a blackjack game. Fans should not be encouraged by how this NBA athlete spends his money on gambling.

Seth Curry

31-year-old Seth Curry’s father, Dell Curry, and elder brother Stephen Curry were/are also NBA stars. Now Seth enjoys success in his basketball career. He loves playing casino games, and you will find him wagering like he doesn’t care about the money he makes.

He has been seen many times in Las Vegas and Los Angeles casinos. The North Carolina players are fond of luxurious casinos and high roller games at Los Angeles’ “The Bike.”

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