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Five best landing spots for Brook Lopez in 2023 NBA free agency

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With the Milwaukee Bucks’ season coming to such a regrettable end, Brook Lopez free agency 2023 is officially underway. Once again, he’s coming off being one of the best centers in 2022-23, so there should be plenty of market for his services, even though he’s not exactly getting any younger.

The Bucks are entering a new era under new ownership. They could look not to bring him back to avoid paying hefty fines for going over the luxury tax again, especially if Khris Middleton is unwilling or unable to strike a new deal with the team.

Brook Lopez free agency 2023

The contract projection for Brook Lopez is as lucrative as it’ll ever be. And while his production might take a dip as the years go by due to age, he’s been quite durable over the past couple of years, shaking off those injury concerns.

So, who’s going to take a chance on him? And where would he be a better fit? Let’s take a look.

5. Los Angeles Lakers

One can never rule the Los Angeles Lakers out when discussing a free agent. Why? Well, for starters, because they’re the freaking Lakers. Just like the New York Yankees, they can always work their way around money or the rules to get whatever they want.


Secondly, they have LeBron James, and you know he won’t be denied as soon as he puts on that ‘LeGM’ hat. He’ll always give players a chance to play meaningful basketball and pursue an NBA championship, especially if he has Anthony Davis by his side.

Lopez already played for the Lakers. It was there that he started his transition from being a post-up player to making shots from beyond the arc. And with Davis’ reluctance to play at the five, he’d be a seamless fit for both their offense and their defense. Oh, and Darvin Ham used to be an assistant coach for the Bucks.

4. Brooklyn Nets

This one would be great from an emotional standpoint. Brook Lopez was the best player on the Brooklyn Nets for years, and he still owns most of the franchise’s records. He may not be the best fit or compete at the highest level there, but it would be nice to see.

The Nets don’t have any sort of incentive to tank next season, as they still owe the Houston Rockets several draft picks and pick swaps. So, they could look to bring in some veterans to try and strengthen the young core and at least make the playoffs.

However, as much as we would love to watch Lopez go full circle and finish his career where it started, they also have Nic Claxton there, and he was a Defensive Player of the Year candidate for the better part of the season. It would be an odd fit.


3. Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks desperately crave size and defense, so it’s hard to think of a player that could be a better fit for them than Brook Lopez. He might not be the bruiser or bully they need side by side with Luka Doncic, but he’s no pushover.

Lopez completely changed his game over the past three years or so. He’s become a lockdown defender at all three levels, constantly ranking among the league’s leaders in both deflections and contested shots. The Mavs can’t get a stop to save their lives.

Of course, the Mavs’ offseason plans will also depend on whether they’re able — and willing — to bring Kyrie Irving back after watching their experiment fail miserably in the final couple of months of the season. Regardless, Lopez would be a slam dunk in Dallas.

2. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns and Deandre Ayton aren’t going to work out. That’s just the reality. He doesn’t want to be there, and his effort — or lack thereof – has been a talking point for way too often. It’s just not going to happen, and it’s time to accept that.

Ayton already signed a big, long-term contract there, and he would likely prefer to get a fresh start somewhere else. He was close to joining the Indiana Pacers last offseason before the Suns matched that offer at the eleventh hour, which in hindsight may have been a mistake.

So, the Suns could try and work out a sign-and-trade to send the former No. 1 pick to the Milwaukee Bucks, all while Lopez gives Monty Williams the effort Ayton is unwilling or unable to put. He could strech the floor even further and still play solid defense.

1. Milwaukee Bucks

And last but not least, we find the Milwaukee Bucks. Lopez free agent status doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to walk away from the team, and he’s already claimed that he doesn’t see himself playing for any other franchise at this point in his career.

Lopez has become a fan favorite and has grown close to Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, and Jrue Holiday. It’s sort of a package deal, so it’s unlikely that any of them will force its way out if the others also decide to stay.

Mike Budenholzer’s time came to an end, but the players still have at least another championship run in them. The team will have to pay up because of the new CBA, so the new ownership might not be thrilled with the idea of giving him $46 million a year.  But from a basketball standpoint, that’s the move that makes the most sense for both parties.

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