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Five Bold Predictions for the 2024 NBA Offseason

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The NBA season is about to end, and while that’s a sad time for the fans, it also means that 2024 NBA offseason predictions are just around the corner. And with all the great players who are going to be free agents or trade candidates, we could be looking at an all-time exciting offseason.

Multiple players could and should be on the move before next season. And with how stacked the league is nowadays, whichever team doesn’t get active in the market is going to have a tough time. With that in mind, we’ll share our top-five picks for the summer.

Klay Thompson will leave the Warriors

Most of the rumors for NBA offseason are currently centered on the Golden State Warriors and, more specifically, Klay Thompson. The four-time NBA champion is going to become a free agent, but the team might not be willing or even able to offer him as much money as he could command from other teams.

Thompson’s latest statements make it seem like he knows he’s not going to be in the Bay area for much longer. And while he’s talked multiple times about his desire to retire as a member of the Warriors organization, this is a ruthless business.

LeBron James will opt out of his deal with the Lakers

Talking about the business side of basketball, LeBron James is clearly one of the savviest guys when it comes to making the most of his leverage. That’s why there’s absolutely no way that he’s not going to opt out of the upcoming year of his contract.


James has acknowledged that he doesn’t have that much time left in the league. That means he’s going to try and get the last lucrative deal of his career, and the Los Angeles Lakers will do everything possible to make sure he stays in Southern California until the final day of his career.

Bronny James will go back to college

Most scouts agree that Bronny James isn’t ready to turn pro. While his defense and basketball IQ are reportedly impressive, the rest of his game has yet to catch up. That’s why he declared for the NBA Draft while also entering the transfer portal.

Nonetheless, Bronny’s future in the NBA has never been in question. He’s going to be a pro, at least while LeBron is still on the court. The Lakers want to make sure LeBron stays put, so they might use a second-round pick to get his firstborn.

The Warriors will make a big move

Stephen Curry is undeniably one of the greatest point guards in NBA history, if not the greatest. That’s why, despite all their struggles and inconsistency, the Warriors still believe they have a chance to win another championship with him at the helm.

The Warriors will most likely let Klay Thompson and Chris Paul walk away, and they could trade some of their young players as well. Their attempt to trade for LeBron shows they’re determined to land another star, and they’ll leave no stone unturned to get one.


Paul George will be a Sixer

Paul George could become one of the top-notch upcoming NBA free agents. He hasn’t signed a contract extension with the Los Angeles Clippers yet, and the latest reports state that both parties are quite far apart in those talks at this moment.

The Philadelphia 76ers have more than enough cap space and assets to make a move for him, and they would love to pair him with Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid. They would instantly be one of the strongest teams in the Eastern Conference with him.

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