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Five leading candidates to replace Quin Snyder as Utah Jazz head coach

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The latest Jazz head coach news couldn’t come at a worse time. There was already plenty of speculation about the team’s future and whether they’d trade Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, or both. Now, the front office will also find a way of replacing Quin Snyder after a more than decent tenure.

Jazz head coach news

The quest to become the Utah Jazz’s next head coach is already underway. And, while several assistants have already made the shortlist, one can only wonder if the team won’t also pursue a bigger name with more experience as a head coach.

That’s why today, we’re not going to focus on the latest Jazz head coach rumors. We won’t talk about Adrian Griffin, Alex Jensen, Charles Lee, Kevin Young, or Johnnie Bryant, who have been linked with the job over the past couple of hours, according to Shams Charania.

Instead, we’re focusing on those who have previous coaching experience and a proven résumé as head coaches in the league. At the end of the day, Quin Snyder’s coaching record of 372 wins and 264 losses was impressive, and finding someone better won’t be an easy task.

David Fizdale

While his stint with the New York Knicks wasn’t exactly impressive, David Fizdale proved to be a solid defensive-minded coach for the Memphis Grizzlies. They featured a similar offense to this version of the Utah Jazz, so it would be a smooth transition.


Fizdale is also a players’ coach. That can’t be undermined if you consider the fact that the Jazz would love to keep Donovan Mitchell and/or Rudy Gobert. They need to find someone willing to make concessions and make them feel like they have a big input in decision-making, and that could be him.

Lloyd Pierce

Lloyd Pierce showed glimpses of promise during his stint with the Atlanta Hawks. He developed them, established an offensive identity, and saw his players flourish. But as it happened to Brett Brown with the Philadelphia 76ers, he didn’t get to enjoy the better days as he was let go with a losing record that doesn’t show the whole picture.

Pierce could put the ball in Mitchell’s hands in similar ways to Trae Young. He can work their stagnant offense and bring it to the 21st century once and for all. But then again, his coaching record will always be an asterisk in his résumé.

Dave Joerger

Dave Joerger has won at every level he’s coached except for the NBA. He’s won five championships in the CBA, IBA, and G-League, and has paid his dues in the league as an assistant. Also, he did lead the Grizzlies to three straight playoff berths before getting the boot.

Joerger couldn’t work his magic with the Sacramento Kings but to be fair, who could? Even so, they had their best season in 13 years with him at the helm. He’s a good coach who knows how to make the most of the hand he’s given, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets another shot.


Terry Stotts

The Jazz head coach rumors have Terry Stotts as a potential dark horse to land the job. He was also reportedly on the Los Angeles Lakers’ shortlist before they appointed Darvin Ham. Stotts has a proven record from his days with the Portland Trail Blazers, but he may not be the best fit for this job.

For instance, Stotts is known for an iso-heavy offense. And, while Mitchell could be his next Damian Lillard, that never seemed to work come playoff time. He’s got the experience and would definitely revamp their offense, though, so it’ll be interesting to see whether they give him a call or not.

Kenny Atkinson

The Brooklyn Nets did Kenny Atkinson dirty. He led them to the playoffs despite not having a competitive team and made us all think D’Angelo Russell could be a legit All-Star for years to come. He developed Jarrett Allen into an elite rim protector and helped Caris LeVert become a scoring threat from all three levels.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving didn’t like him, and that’s the only reason why he’s not a head coach right now. But he’s been in the shadows long enough and deserves to get another shot at an NBA coaching gig. It’s only a matter of time before someone gives him the nod again.

Mike D’Antoni

You may or may not be a fan of his style but Mike D’Antoni is way too good of a coach to be an assistant. He’s one of the greatest offensive masterminds of all time and one can only wonder what he could do with Donovan Mitchell. James Harden 2.0? Or maybe he’ll help him fulfil those D-Wade comparisons?

The Jazz need to revamp their style. They need to part ways with Gobert and find a mobile, modern big man and more shooters. D’Antoni could turn Mitchell into the league’s leading scorer while also helping him rank near the top of the assists-per-game list. He’s the guy they need to get over the hump once and for all.

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