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Five potential Jrue Holiday trade destinations

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As we get closer to the trade deadline the rumours keep coming. This time it is Jrue Holiday. He is currently on the New Orleans Pelicans roster playing either point guard or shooting guard.

At 29 years old Holiday has a few years left in the NBA at a high level. He is currently averaging 19.6 points, 6.4 assists and 1.5 steals on 43.9% shooting.

With Holiday in his third year of his contract and $128 million of the $131.8 million being guaranteed this will rule out a few teams unless they are willing to make some roster moves beforehand.

Anyway, here are some potential trade destinations for Jrue Holiday.

Chicago Bulls

If they can’t make a trade for Derrick Rose work then the Bulls could make a run at Jrue Holiday.


Yes, Rose would be preferred over Holiday for a few reasons, but the Pelicans star isn’t a bad alternative.

Holiday is a couple of years younger than Rose but his contract is a lot higher. Along with that he can still score around 20 points a game and pick up six to seven assists a game while getting a couple of steals.

Even though he doesn’t shoot the ball as well as Rose he is still a solid shooter and can provide another alternative playing alongside Zach LaVine.

Orlando Magic

For the Orlando Magic, Holiday would be huge upgrade to what they have on their roster now considering the scoring options they currently have.

With Holiday averaging nearly 20 points, six assists, and making eight field goals per game this would give the Magic an upgraded scoring option, on top of that they would also be adding a playmaker as well.


He could also become the main scorer on the Orlando Magic especially if he continued scoring as he is for the Pelicans. Orlando’s offence needs another option.

San Antonio Spurs

For the San Antonio Spurs, Jrue Holiday would be a brilliant upgrade to what they have now.

Yes, they do have multiple players who can chip in and score 10 points per game, but they could do with another main scorer like Holiday.

Currently the Spurs only have two players who are scoring over 12 points per game. Those players are LaMarcus Aldridge (19.3 points) and DeMar DeRozan (22.6 points).

This would not just add another scoring option but another big consistent scoring option which could help the Spurs win some close games and help them make a playoff push.

Memphis Grizzlies

The way Holiday could help the Orlando Magic is also the way he could help the Memphis Grizzlies.

He would be the main scorer on the Grizzlies (if he kept on scoring 19.6 points per game) or even better he could become the main player for the team, slotting in alongside Ja Morant in the backcourt.

He would also be a good upgrade for the team because of his scoring and playmaking ability.

However, Holiday could help the team in another way, this would be by mentoring the young guards that the Grizzlies have.

The players he could mentor are point guard Morant and two-guard Dillion Brooks. Holiday is one of the better combo-guard in the league, and would be a good player for the duo to learn from.

This could help with the Grizzlies future development of these players.

Phoenix Suns

If the Phoenix Suns are going to make a playoff push, they could do with another scorer to go alongside Devin Booker.

Jrue Holiday could be that scorer.

Even though Ricky Rubio is scoring 13.2 points and registering nine assists per game, Holiday could provide an upgrade in scoring with him closer to 20 points per game. Rubio and Holiday could also share some minutes between them, helping the Suns in the non-Booker minutes.

The Suns shooting percentages are good but the only player to attempt over 15 a game is Booker. With Holiday having an average of 17.7 attempts per game this season he would be a valuable addition for the Suns.

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