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Five things we learned from Week 13 featuring the Dolphins and Chiefs

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The NFL Week 13 scores 2021 were unpredictable to some extent. Hell, even the then-winless Detroit Lions managed to snatch their first win on the season, and in a pretty memorable fashion.

But as you may know by now, the NFL doesn’t sleep. There’s no time to look back on what went wrong or what went right, as teams and players must get ready for their next challenge, playing through injury and multiple ailments to get the ultimate price.

NFL Week 13 scores 2021

We’re heading towards the final stretch of the season and anything can happen at this point. That’s why today, we’re going to discuss the five biggest takeaways from our NFL Week 13 analysis. Check out the things we learned this week.

5. Are the Dolphins… Good?

Taking a look a the NFL Week 13 scores 2021, maybe the clash between Miami Dolphins and New York Giants doesn’t stand out at first. But that 20-9 win took the Dolphins’ win streak to 5 games. That’s the same team that lost 7 games in a row and was 1-7 at some point in the season.

Tua Tagovailoa isn’t a star and chances are he may never be one. But he’s taking better care of the football and becoming more efficient as the weeks go by. Also, the Dolphins’ defense is finally showing up. They could even make the playoffs.


4. The Chiefs are back

We’ve been saying this for weeks but it seems more official now: Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are back. Tyreek Hill needs to buy Pat some nice dinner after another interception on a pass he should’ve caught but other than that, they’re for real.

The Chiefs marched down the field against the Denver Broncos’ top-notch defense. And, although stopping Vic Fangio’s offense and clamping Teddy Bridgewater is nothing to brag about, the Chiefs’ defensive unit is also showing signs of life.

3. The NFC is Arizona’s to lose

The Arizona Cardinals have the toughest among all NFL Week 14 fixtures 2021. They’ll host the Los Angeles Rams hoping to beat them for the second time this season and get one step closer to clinching home-field advantage in the playoffs.

The 49ers doomed themselves with that loss to the Seahawks. And the Packers are the only team with a realistic shot at catching up with them in the NFC. Barring a disaster, the Cardinals should end on top of the Conference by the end of the season.

2. Don’t sleep on the Colts

The Indianapolis Colts finished with perhaps the most impressive of all NFL Week 13 scores 2021. I mean, beating the Houston Texans by 31 points isn’t impressive but shutting down any team in the NFL is something that’s worth recognition.


The Colts have won four out of five and seven out of their past ten after starting the season 0-3. They have two tough games ahead with the Patriots and Cardinals on deck but they close out the season with games against the Raiders and Jaguars. The Titans could free-fall with all those injuries and they could steal the division.

1. Bill Belichick did it again

Just when everybody thought that they were safe from the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick did it again. The Pats are riding an NFL-best seven-game winning streak and are now the team to beat in the AFC. That ugly win at Buffalo pretty much sealed the fate of the division and the conference and they just keep getting better.

The Pats’ top-notch defense can contain the best offenses in the league. Mac Jones, albeit not overly impressive, is as efficient as you’d want if you’re Belichick. Everybody counted them out at the beginning of the season but they’re not going anywhere.

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