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George Hill is the perfect compromise for the Sixers

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The Sixers, Knicks and Thunder are completing a three-team trade centered around George Hill.

Terrance Ferguson will leave Philly for New York. Hill joins the Sixers, and Tony Bradley and Austin Rivers are joining the Thunder. There are two Sixers second-round picks included. This likely ends the Sixers’ pursuit of Kyle Lowry. Philly is also acquiring Iggy Brazdeikis from New York.

Hill has a $10 million salary for next season. Under $2 million is guaranteed. He arrives in Philadelphia set to be their sixth man, and could get some closing minutes.

Having led the association in three-point shooting last season, Hill will slot into a similar role in Philly. He was a secondary ball handler and shooter alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo. Next to Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, Hill’s spacing will again be invaluable. He gives Doc Rivers some off-the-bounce creation they have lacked in previous playoff runs.

Hill to the Sixers impacts Lowry

The impact of this trade goes way beyond the three teams. The Knicks can have a look at Ferguson, they move on Rivers’ money, and the Thunder add yet more picks. Most significantly, though, this appears to leave the path open for the Lakers or Heat to trade for Kyle Lowry.


Giving up Tyrese Maxey and/or Matisse Thybulle and picks for Lowry might have just been too much for Daryl Morey. Lowry is in his mid-thirties and will be looking for a sizeable extension. The Sixers don’t get an All-Star in Hill, but they acquire a veteran who is among the league’s best perimeter shooters and can provide above-average defense on the perimeter.

This will no doubt be controversial. This is the second time this season the Sixers have pulled out of a trade for an All-Star. Perhaps this is Morey expressing a belief in what they have. Perhaps it’s a sign the owners were not enthralled about a big-money Lowry extension.

Whatever the reasoning, George Hill is a good pick up for the Sixers. He’s a compromise between the future and present, allowing them to keep two exciting young talents.

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