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Evaluating George Hill’s trade market and potential landing spots

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A George Hill trade is very likely before the trade deadline on March 25th.

For as long as George Hill has been in the NBA, it seems like he’s always made appearances in big time playoff games. Fans could almost guarantee that whether Hill was playing for the Spurs, Pacers, Jazz, Cavaliers or Bucks, they would see the guard on the floor in some of the highest pressure games.

In order for that trend to continue, however, the Thunder will need to trade Hill by Thursday’s NBA trade deadline, or buy him out of his contract.

This has not been an easy season for Hill. After being an integral part of the Bucks last season, the veteran guard has been one of the older players on an Oklahoma City team building for the future. While he certainly would have been the starting point guard, Hill has missed considerable time this year with a thumb injury. As of a few days ago, reports indicated that he was still wearing a cast.

George Hill trade: Possible landing spots ahead of trade deadline

The uncertainty surrounding Hill’s recovery is going to make trade negotiations for him a bit awkward. Other franchises won’t know when he’ll be ready to play. Even still, the Thunder would do well to get something for him, as they prioritize the development of their younger players.


Which teams might send offers to the Thunder for a Hill trade before Thursday?


The Suns have played well beyond anyone’s wildest expectations this season. Most fans figured that they would be in the playoff mix after Chris Paul joined their roster. But to have held down a top three seed in the uber competitive Western Conference for almost the entire season has been one of the NBA’s most shocking revelations.

Even though they were not expected to be this good this soon, the Suns don’t have the luxury of easing into their window to compete.

While Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton are still very young, their engine revolves around Chris Paul, who does not have many prime years left.


As a result, they might look to add another veteran into their mix, who won’t wilt under pressure and has big game experience. Because the Suns’ record is so exemplary, they can trade for Hill, and wait for him to get healthy.


The Mavericks offense starts and ends with Luka Doncic dominating the ball handling responsibilities.

The arrival of a player like George Hill wouldn’t change that reality for Dallas, but it would allow the super talented Slovenian to kick the ball out with a little more confidence. Last season with Milwaukee, Hill shot a blistering 46% from downtown, and was decent so far this year with the Thunder before getting hurt.

Dallas’ window for winning titles with Doncic is going to be wide open for years to come, but they might be best served trying to contend sooner rather than later. Once Doncic is eligible for the maximum extension, their salary cap options will get less flexible.

While most of the NBA doesn’t have much cap room right now, the Mavericks could try to send a couple of ancillary pieces to the Thunder in hopes of snatching Hill away.


After very nearly clinching the 8th seed in the Western Conference last season, the Grizzlies and their fans do not want to sit on the sidelines this year in the postseason.

Ja Morant continues to improve and demonstrate why he was the second overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, but Memphis is going to need to put more around him if the team wants to qualify for the postseason.

Hill could provide the type of leadership he was supposed to deliver in Oklahoma City before their season went south and he went down with injury.

The Grizzlies are a bit ahead of the Thunder in terms of their competitive track. Having Hill in the locker room and on the bench to settle things down would be a solid plus.

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