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Four potential Gordon Hayward trade packages in 2022 NBA offseason

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The Gordon Hayward trade rumors in 2022 are heating up as the Hornets are actively trying to move the 32-year-old. After a lackluster season that saw them lose in the play-in for the second consecutive year, it seems like Charlotte is keen on improving their roster, and Hayward is not part of their future plans.

With a promising young core of LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges, off-loading Hayward’s remaining contract seems like the right offseason move for Charlotte. The only question is what can they get in return?

Gordon Hayward trade rumors 2022

Ever since leaving the Jazz, Gordon Hayward has been plagued with injuries that saw him spend most of his days off the court rather than on it. Since moving to Charlotte in 2020, he’s played only 93 games, however, he averaged a decent 17.6 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 3.8 assists.

Despite his injury woes, and his hefty contract, Hayward is still a decent wing player, and contending teams should jump at landing him, especially considering that the Hornets might be willing to attach draft picks to do it.

Let’s take a look at the top four teams involved in the Gordon Hayward trade rumors.


Westbrook joins the Hornets

The Hornets already showed interest in Russell Westbrook before the trade deadline, and things are a bit more desperate at the moment. Offloading Hayward’s contract is almost crucial for re-signing Miles Bridges, and if the Lakers can attach a couple of second round picks, this trade might just happen.

Hayward can definitely help the Lakers offensively with his shooting and spacing, and Westbrook can play the veteran role alongside Ball and Bridges with less of the pressure that comes along with playing alongside LeBron James.

Hayward’s homecoming in Utah

The Gordon Hayward trade rumors could land him in Salt Lake City, the place where he peaked as a basketball player.

It’s no surprise that the Utah Jazz are looking to move Rudy Gobert. After another disappointing season, it’s now obvious that his relationship with Donovan Mitchell on and off the court is not working.

The Hornets’ offseason news could become blockbuster news if they can pull this one off. They are in desperate need of a dominant center and Rudy Gobert can make them a force to be reckoned with in the East.


Even though they just drafted Mark Williams, shipping him off along with P.J. Washington and a future 1st round pick could be interesting for Utah. Hayward’s homecoming could spark a comeback to peak form while still giving the Jazz room to sign another star alongside Mitchell.

Luka gets some shooting

Charlotte already has star power in LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges. If they could offload Hayward’s salary and acquire Davis Bertans and Dwight Powell from Dallas, it’ll be a good trade. Both players are top-notch role players that can come off the bench and influence the game.

Bertans is a career 40% shooter from deep and can have Steph Curry range when he catches fire. Powell is a solid defender.

As for Dallas, adding a shooter like Hayward alongside Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie can alleviate some of the attention Luka gets and give the Mavs a solid third option on offense.

The Hornets land Myles Turner

This is another blockbuster deal that the Hornets should push hard to achieve. Landing Myles Turner will solve all of their problems at center and provide them with elite rim protection. Turner can also shoot the ball well and would be an obvious upgrade from Mason Plumlee.

Considering his injury woes and expiring contract, Charlotte shouldn’t surrender more than a first round pick and a couple of second round picks for him.

On the flip side, Hayward can slip into the small-forward starting slot for Indiana which is lacking in that position. If Hayward can stay healthy, he can also be a solid playmaking option next to Tyrese Haliburton, which can make it all that much easier to move from Malcolm Brogdon.

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