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Has Lionel Messi made a mistake by choosing Inter Miami?

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Everyone is talking about it. Lionel Messi to Inter Miami news is now commonplace as arguably the world’s best-ever soccer player is going to ply his trade in Major League Soccer, for the club owned by David Beckham.

Lionel Messi to Inter Miami news

How does this help Inter Miami?

Before the ink dries on his contract, by merit of his superstar career he’ll already be one of the best players in MLS history. Ardent supporters will of course want more from Messi than just a marketing strategy. The DRV PNK Stadium faithful will want the iconic forward to bang in the goals. As well as work with Josef Martinez (who joined earlier this season) by setting him up in good positions too.

David Beckham will need to act fast, however. The former PSG superstar might have his heart set on Inter Miami, but won’t take kindly to an unsettled franchise. After all, Phil Neville was relieved of his duties in early June. As of yet, no permanent replacement has been named.

At the time of writing, Inter Miami are dwelling in last place in the Eastern Conference standings having lost 11 of their opening 16. Messi coming in won’t solve all their problems but they most likely won’t be short of goals going forward. Other players may be able to raise their game and play for their new superstar teammate. They will need to ensure he likes them, as he will have a lot of influence in the locker room going forward.

The admin and paperwork surrounding Messi’s contract with Inter Miami isn’t public knowledge just yet. However, it will surely be up there with the money that Toronto FC is paying Lorenzo Insigne, the league’s current top earner. Speculation online suggests that Messi will have an ownership stake in the franchise and will get a cut of all future Apple TV MLS Season Pass revenue streams.


That’s a lot of money! In theory, these future incentives may be very lucrative as it’s believed Messi turned down Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia who reportedly offered over one billion euros for just two seasons commitment.

What does it mean to Major League Soccer?

Messi to MLS might not have been a thought that crossed many minds before 2023 but Florida is a desirable place to live and is backed by Beckham, who presumably has enough money to offer lucrative contracts out.

The Lionel Messi to Inter Miami news isn’t exclusively a story for the lone franchise. Moreover, his arrival will create a seismic shift in how teams play Inter Miami. While man-marking Messi seems sensible, this could prove to be very difficult and may only allow established MLS legend Josef Martinez to score easily if defenders are preoccupied with Messi.

This will bring a lot of new eyeballs to the league, too. With the European season ending and no (men’s) World Cup or Euros this summer, ardent football fans will be itching to watch some football. Messi turning up to the league will bring unprecedented attention much like when Andres Iniesta joined Vissel Kobe in Japan and when Cristiano Ronaldo linked up with Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia. Of course, Beckham himself trod a similar path many years ago when he became a LA Galaxy player.

MLS Season Pass from Apple TV can certainly predict a wave of new customers from the four corners of the globe such is the global interest in Messi.


Why does Messi want to leave PSG anyway?

The allure of playing for a European club in the UEFA Champions League is very appealing to the top players. However, it’s easy to forget that Lionel Messi has been there and done that for many years now.

With over 160 appearances, more than 120 goals in UEFA competitions, and four winners’ medals from the Champions League, Messi doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone in UEFA. Instead, a new challenge awaits across the Atlantic.

The challenge is truly that. He’s turning up to play for one of the statistically worst teams in the league. His previous stints at Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain have always sat at the top of the table. Now, he can try to win a very different league in America. Then maybe even veer toward success in the CONCACAF Champions League.

The player has also noted in interviews that he was very unhappy in France, largely as he could not settle to life in Paris. Miami will not only be geographically closer to home but also culturally with a big Spanish-speaking community.

Could this be Messi’s final club?

Well, the latest Messi transfer rumors might be finalized for now but never say never in football. Inter Miami might seem attractive now but there are plenty of superstars who left Major League Soccer as it didn’t work out. Jermain Defoe, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Nigel de Jong all returned to top European clubs after relatively short stints in MLS.

The romantic transfer  back to Barcelona might never happen now. After all, with him committing multiple years to Inter Miami, even the great Messi will tire. However, the legend may still be able to return to Newell’s Old Boys in his native Argentina. Even after a stint in America, Messi could still make a difference at his boyhood club.

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