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How NFL fans can benefit from a Pay N Play option

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NFL events are one of the most anticipated dates for all football fans. Fans pay particular attention not to the process itself and the match but often to bets. For active gamblers, there are many tools and features, but one of the main ones is the Pay N Play option. In this article, we will explore how NFL fans can benefit from this innovative payment option, and how it can enhance the overall experience of following your favourite teams and players.

What is Pay N Play?

Pay N Play is a method developed by payment service provider Trustly. The main feature set by Trustly is the permanent connection of an account with all the data to the sportsbook platform. As a result, making a deposit occurs without unnecessary clicks and confirmations. In short, all a player needs to do is log in using their bank ID.

The Bank ID is the primary information needed for the Pay N Play system. Bank ID stores information about the owner. Therefore, players do not have to register on the betting site. Bank ID is often used as an identification method and can also be used as a signature. The virtual account created by the player is automatically stored in the system, ensuring no winnings or deposits are lost.

Why Pay N Play is beneficial for NFL fans


As you may have noticed, Pay N Play suits all gambling, such as casinos and bookmakers. But still, most often, NFL gamblers use this method, and there are three main reasons for this.

No need to provide KYC documents

Pay N Play allows players to deposit funds instantly and start playing immediately without waiting for the account verification process.


The absence of an identification and verification process is ideal for those worried about their anonymity and who do not want their data to get into the network. Of course, this cannot be avoided in general, but Pay N Play minimizes the flow of personal data and has a high level of protection.

The player is invited to simplify the registration process. Or rather, do not pass it at all.

You can bet without verification and immediately deposit without the need to pass the KYC procedure. Players replenish their accounts, and the data is automatically sent to the bookmaker. As a result, you do not need to open your Trustly account, you just need to pay through the system, and you can immediately play.

Increased security due to the lack of KYC

The Pay N Play protection level allows players to exchange information securely with the system and hide all financial data from third parties.

Players do not need to pass verification and share personal or financial information with gambling sites, so the payment process becomes more secure and safe. For example, earlier, the actions of players could be tracked by hackers. As a result, user data was used to transfer funds to other bank accounts.


With Pay N Play, this cannot be done since the player connects his bank account to the system, which excludes attempts to transfer money from the deposit to other resources such as e-wallets, etc.

Easy withdrawals

Pay N Play allows you to cash out winnings more efficiently than traditional platforms. Some players prefer long payouts. Pay N Play has made it both fast and secure.

With Pay N Play, deposits and withdrawals are processed in a couple of minutes. This can be quite a handy solution, especially when making a quick online bet. The actual transfer time may vary depending on the bank you are using.

Registration, which we mentioned earlier, usually does not take much time. But withdrawing money in less than five minutes will appeal to many. Also, a good addition would be a full or minimal commission for depositing and withdrawing.


Pay N Play is an interesting system that has already shown itself well during NFL sports events. The only drawback is that very few people know about it. As a result, users do not trust the brand.

Pay N Play is common among online betting users, as it greatly speeds up gameplay and real money security. Pay N Play should be promising for the gambling segment, particularly the NFL. It remains only to wait; perhaps one of the teams will begin to promote the ideas of Pay N Play actively, but for now, we will continue to monitor the development of the NFL gambling ecosystem.

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