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How popular is baseball in New Zealand?

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Baseball is a popular game in the United States and presumably originated from the British bat-and-ball game. Compared to the USA, in New Zealand, this sport is not so developed, although baseball fans do exist. Currently, the New Zealand Baseball Association (NZBA) is the key organisation that oversees the development of the sport at all levels. It is NZDA that organises both local tournaments and those that take place in the international arena.

At present in New Zealand, there are several professional and a large number of makeshift baseball fields. This situation is explained by the fact that this sport has not yet reached the same level of popularity as, for example, cricket or rugby. Another feature of baseball in NZ is that men mainly play it, and there is no national women’s team.

Do Kiwis bet on baseball?

Although baseball does not hold a sufficiently developed infrastructure, a large number of professional sites, etc., this sport is on par with football, cricket, and rugby in terms of online betting. Considering the total number of active bettors, a large percentage of them are involved in regular betting on local and international events.

This is facilitated by a fairly large number of online bookmakers that legally operate on the territory of New Zealand, as well as a clear policy regarding online betting. Popular betting brands including Rizk Casino allow you to bet on a top event or local tournament you can watch via live broadcast.

Popular baseball teams in New Zealand

Although baseball is not so popular in New Zealand, there are a couple of teams that are well-known not only in New Zealand but also abroad. Below, you can learn more about Diamondblacks and Howick-Pakuranga Hawks.



The New Zealand national baseball team, also known as the Diamondblacks, has made significant strides in recent years despite baseball not being a widely popular sport in the country. The ascent of the team began in 2013, after which Diamondblacks performed well in a number of both local and international tournaments.

Among the international championships, there are the World Baseball Classic, as well as the Asian and Oceanian Baseball Championships.

Speaking of the Oceanian championship, in 2017, Diamondblacks took first place, which guaranteed them participation in the WBSC Premier12 2019.

Additionally, the team is actively engaged in the development of baseball schools and attracting young players.

The Howick-Pakuranga Hawks

Howick-Pakuranga Hawks is one of the most popular baseball clubs from Auckland. The club has been actively involved in representing New Zealand on the world stage for over 40 years, having won many national championships.


As with the previous team, the Hawks are actively involved in developing the sport at the national level and attracting foreign investors. Separately, it is worth noting the successful junior training program in which players from 5 to 18 years old are enrolled. The team’s merits include the title of the National Baseball Club of New Zealand (BNZ) and the victory over North Shore City with a score of 8:3.

Future prospects of New Zealand Baseball

At present, the future of baseball in New Zealand is rather difficult to predict as the sport continues to face a number of significant challenges. However, some positive trends are related to the slow but steady increase in the popularity of this sport.

One of the main reasons is raising the number of Kiwis who follow local and international baseball events. Moreover, a lot of online bookmakers offer a wide range tennis, cricket, basketball as well as baseball betting options.

Another encouraging trend is the development of training programs and schools for juniors. Future players may well influence New Zealand’s position on the world baseball scene. Separately, it is worth noting the large number of international baseball events that take place in New Zealand, which help to increase the popularity of this sport.


Today, New Zealand Baseball Federation is not as popular as Major League Baseball in the US and Canada. Moreover, such sports as rugby, football, or cricket are in greater demand in New Zealand. The main problems are the underdeveloped infrastructure and weak promotion in contrast to the sports mentioned above.

However, with the development of digital technologies, baseball got a great chance to improve its position thanks to easier online promotion. Online bookmakers who offer any Kiwi to bet on almost any domestic or international baseball event play a significant role in the development of baseball’s popularity.

Recently, there has been a positive trend in the growth of interest in baseball among young New Zealanders. As a rule, juniors aged 5 to 18 actively enter baseball training programs and schools. They are those potential players who, in the future, will be able to develop this sport in the country and raise New Zealand’s ranking in the world baseball arena.

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