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How to choose an MLS team to support

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So, you’ve decided that with the new MLS season coming up you might want to follow a team. Having an interest in a particular team might make it even more exciting for your watching experience.

Nobody is saying that you must follow anyone or if you choose an MLS team you are being disloyal to your current UK or European team.

How to choose an MLS team

You’re not being disloyal; it is just different. It is that feeling of being there for your team, on TV or in the stadium and wearing their colours makes you feel more a part of it all. How should you choose an MLS team? Well, that’s up to you, but hopefully by reading this it can help, even if it is just a little, in helping you decide.

An oldie but a goodie

Do you like a team that has some history with the league it is in? If you prefer a team that has been around the block a few times and has a bit of a past, then look no further than L.A Galaxy, D.C United or Columbus Crew.

These three were some of the originals to start in MLS back in 1996.


They have also had some of the most success too.

LA are the most successful with five MLS cups and D.C with four. Columbus have had two and are joint with other older teams like San Jose Earthquakes and Sporting Kansas City.

L.A Galaxy have attracted top European players like David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the past.

Who’s the new guy?

History might not be your thing, instead, you prefer something newer or fresher.

MLS is expanding all the time, so following a new franchise might be right up your street. This season sees the introduction of Charlotte FC and the last two years have seen Austin FC (2021), Nashville FC and Inter Miami (2020) join too.


Austin is the third club from Texas to enter the league, so a possibility of some good derby matches to be seen over the coming seasons. If you wanted to wait another season, then 2023 and beyond have a strong chance of more cities joining the fold with Sacramento, Las Vegas and Detroit among possible additions.

All aboard the Bandwagon

Bandwagon fans, glory hunters, whatever you like to call them, they are always around and it could be your thing too. If it is, no one is judging. Well, maybe.

Just remember, pride comes before a fall, jumping in now and joining in the celebrations might look like fun but remember it could only be a one off. Do some research into the team and its history and how they stand going forward.

If you are looking to jump on and hope its going to be the start of a dynasty, then your current champions are New England Revolution (Eastern Conference and Supporters Shield), Colorado Rapids (Western Conference) and New York City FC (MLS Cup)

Not all American

You might be thinking along a different path and want to go against the grain with some of the different options available in this league. Some of the teams have connections outside of the US.

If you are, then Inter Miami might be the team for you. Miami have English connections throughout the organisation.

David Beckham is co-owner; Phil Neville is head coach and ex Premier League players Kieran Gibbs and Ryan Shawcross were regulars in the first team last season.

However, loyalty to players and coaches could be risky in the long term should they decide to leave or retire.

Leaving America completely might your thing. If it is, then north of the border will be where you want to look.

Up in Canada you have a choice of Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver Whitecaps. One downside is no CONCACAF Champions League spots via MLS for Canadian sides. The teams must compete in a separate tournament with Canada’s other professional teams called the Voyageurs Cup for that prize.

City stickers

One way to pick your team is to stick with a city that already has a team you support in it.

Seahawks fan? Why not look at the Seattle Sounders. How about a White Sox fan? Chicago Fire might be the team for you. Lakers fan? You have a choice between LA Galaxy or LAFC.

If you support a city that has no franchise, not to worry, it gives you a chance to stay neutral until you’ve watched enough to decide. Then again, with MLS expanding every year, it might not be long until your city does.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to enjoy the football along the way. Happy watching and good luck!

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