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How to enjoy basketball even when your team keeps losing

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It must be nice to be a basketball fan if you support the Golden State Warriors or any other successful team. Less so if you’re a fan of every other team, who have not only failed to win a championship in living memory, but haven’t even come close to doing so.

In those cases, supporting a team can seem like nothing but an uphill battle. But there’s more to sports — not to mention life — than winning. In this blog, we’ll look through some other ways you can enjoy following your team, even when you never win.

Other Methods of Enjoyment

You’ll enjoy following your team much more if your happiness isn’t entirely wrapped up in your team getting a positive result. For some games, defeat won’t just be a possibility — it will be likely. That’ll sting a little, but it’ll be more tolerable than getting your hopes up, only to see them dashed come the end of the game.

It’ll also allow you to find other ways to enjoy the game. For instance, you could compensate for the loss by backing the other team to win; just be sure to use a free bet offer, so you don’t feel guilty about going against your home team with your own cash. You could also focus on the development of up-and-coming players who may one day lead your team to glory. You’ll view the game as a stepping stone that’ll eventually (hopefully) lead somewhere successful.

Reasons To Be Hopeful

Sure, your team might suck right now, but will things always be that way? Not necessarily.


All teams go through blips, but even if it feels like yours is going on a little longer than normal, there’s always a chance that things will come back around. In the meantime, you can see the shoots of growth that may lead somewhere good. Do you have a hot young player who might become a champion? Is the management team slowly developing their skills? These things take time to yield results. Enjoy the ride!

With Other Fans

Misery loves company. You’ll celebrate your triumphs together; why not commiserate the defeats together?

There’s no better way to let out the pain of a defeat or disappointing season than unburdening all your misery onto someone who fully understands. Of course, you’ll have to reciprocate the action. It’s essentially a group therapy session that’ll make the postseason all the easier to manage. Best of luck!

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