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Is Aaron Rodgers overrated?

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in an all-time great. There is no doubt that he will end up in the hall of fame.

Up to this point in his career, he has 51,245 passing yards, 412 touchdowns and 89 interceptions. Along with two Most Valuable Player awards, he has been selected to the all-pro team three times and a super bowl championship.

This still does not tell the entire story.

He takes too many sacks

One of the most overlooked things about Aaron Rodgers is the amount of sacks he takes.

Through his first 15 years in the NFL, Rodgers has been sacked 468 times.


Yes, I know he has not always had the best offensive line, but Aaron Rodgers is a mobile quarterback and should be avoiding a lot of the sacks he takes.

This will be putting his team back several yards and taking these in big games will add up to be the difference.

The NFC Championship

This one is not pretty, at all.

Since Rodgers became the Packers starter in 2008, he has been to five NFC Championship games and lost four of them.

The first of these came in 2008 in a 23-20 home loss to the New York Giants. Then in 2011 was Rodgers’ one and only victory against NFC North rivals the Chicago Bears 21-14 in Chicago.


Four years later in 2015, Green Bay blew a 16-0 lead against Seattle to lose 28-22 in overtime.

In 2017, Green Bay got blown out by the Atlanta Falcons 44-21 in Atlanta and then most recently in 2021, they lost a close game 31-26 to Tampa Bay, leaving Rodgers’ NFC Championship record at 1-4.

He just is not clutch

Aaron Rodgers just is not clutch. It is that simple.

Rodgers has only 17 fourth quarter comebacks and 25 game winning drives through his first 15 seasons. He’s outside the top 25 all time in both categories.

When it comes to the postseason, Rodgers just has one fourth quarter comeback and two game winning drives in the playoffs.

His playoff record is 11-9.

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