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Will Jamal Adams really get traded away by the Jets?

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With two years remaining on his current contract, New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has put in a formal request for a trade.

A contract dispute between the player and the franchise has occurred, as Adams is frustrated that the New York team is not moving fast enough with negotiations. Is this a case of a team being stubborn, or a player being greedy?

This time round fault may lie with the player. Coming off an All-Pro season, Adams could be the victim of his own sense of self-worth. Having been drafted in 2017 by the Jets, the 2020 season will be the strong safety’s fourth year in the league.

Asking for a contract to be one of the highest paid defensive players in the league is ambitious to say the least.

His talent cannot be doubted, and many teams would love to have a playmaker like him on their team. That said, surely contract negotiations at this point in his career are a little premature. From the Jets’ point of view, they do not need to be negotiating at this stage with Adams. This is proven by the Jets stating they do not want to be talking contracts until at least 2021.


The only option at this point would be for Adams to ask for a trade away from the franchise.

Undoubtedly, many teams would love to have his talent and the player has even made a list of which teams he would love to go too, advertising himself and his intentions.

Now, and at the trade deadline last year, New York have said they do not wish to make to make a trade for Adams. The thought process being that the Jets want to keep talent on the roster.

Understandable, but will they now get the best from the player? Reality says no. If a player wants out, they will ultimately find a way to achieve their goal.

The Dallas Cowboys were the franchise to approach the Jets over a trade last October. After a refusal by New York, rumours are now circulating that Adams has said he feels ‘betrayed` by the Jets. This betrayal may feel more significant to Adams as he is from Dallas. The Cowboys are also one of the teams on his list of possible destinations for a trade.


The problem he might encounter should the Jets give in to a trade is salary. The Cowboys are still working out a long term deal for quarterback Dak Prescott’s new contract.

If Dak were to get what he wants, the salary cap of Dallas will take a massive hit. This could mean a massive pay cut to move, meaning he would not be getting the money he thinks he deserves anyway.

Jamal Adams has already been spotted in Dallas. A video emerged on social media of a Cowboys fan asking if he is coming.

Adams can be quoted as saying “I’m trying, bro”. That seems clear enough on his intentions of playing for the Cowboys, or at the very least get out of New York.  For his sake, lets hope he is not in the city negotiating. This violates anti-tampering laws and could open up a whole new world of trouble for himself and the Cowboys.

This situation really sees the Jets holding all the cards. They should stick to their guns and see this out until 2021, where they can negotiate properly. However, if they decide to go against their own principles and give in, would the Cowboys be the best fit for him? With plenty of interest, could he be better off at a completely different team? Might he actually be better off staying put?

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