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Three wings the Utah Jazz should pursue ahead of the trade deadline

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Given their recent status, it’s not surprising to see plenty of Utah Jazz trade rumors 2022. Quin Snyder’s team can’t seem to catch a break right now with all the injuries and the front office needs to do something.

The Jazz got off to a terrific start to the season, sitting near the top of the Western Conference again. But even despite that and although they have a great young duo in Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, people still don’t think of them as legit contenders.

Moreover, their recent slump and Joe Ingles‘ season-ending injury have raised some concerns about this team’s campaign. That’s why the Jazz trade deadline is intriguing right now, as people don’t know whether they’ll be sellers or buyers.

Jazz trade rumors 2022

But judging by their roster, their needs, and the best trade deadline players available, it wouldn’t be wise to just give up on the season. That’s why today, we’re going to talk about the top 3 best Jazz trade targets that could still salvage their campaign:

3. Josh Richardson

Josh Richardson was a defensive menace during his days with the Miami Heat. He was one of the best shot-blocking guards we had seen in years and had even made great strides as a shooter, improving his offense every single season.


Needless to say, those days look far behind him and he looks more like a product of Erik Spoelstra than anything else. But even if he’s vastly struggled since leaving South Beach, that doesn’t mean that he can’t still turn things around.

Richardson can play and guard multiple positions. While he’s not the playmaker Ingles is, he’s a willing passer used to having the ball in his hands. He won’t be much of an offensive factor but could revamp their perimeter defense if they use him properly.

2. Harrison Barnes

Most insiders expect the Sacramento Kings to go through yet another panic sale. And, while Buddy Hield would be a better choice for him for offensive purposes, Harrison Barnes is actually a better fit for the Jazz. He’s a much better defender.

Barnes doesn’t need to have many touches to make his presence felt in the offense. He’s used to sharing the wealth and playing with ball-dominant players, so that’s not going to be an issue. But here, he could even be their second-best scorer in the starting lineup.


The only issue with him would be matching his salary, But the Kings have plenty of incentives to let him go and get his contract off the books. He’s a low-risk, high-reward kind of pickup at this point in his career and they won’t need to offer any picks.

1. Jerami Grant

When it comes to the best trade deadline players available, Jerami Grant leads the way. He doesn’t want to stay with the Detroit Pistons and they have no use for a veteran like him. So, it’s only a matter of who’s willing to give the most for his services.

The Utah Jazz would be wise to go all-in on a player like Grant. He wants to be a primary scorer and they could give him 15+ shots a night next to Donovan Mitchell. That’s way more than most of the teams interested in him could offer right now.

Moreover, Grant’s length and defensive expertise could certainly make up for Joe Ingles‘ absence. He can play both forward spots and even some small-ball center. He could take some of Rudy Gobert‘s defensive assignments in the perimeter or sub in for him when the team needs more of an offensive presence in the paint.

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