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Joey Bosa’s record-breaking contract changes defensive end market

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The Los Angeles Chargers have come to an agreement with their star Defensive End Joey Bosa.

He has been signed to a five-year extension worth $135 million. In his contract $102 million is guaranteed and $78 million fully guaranteed at signing. This will keep Bosa in Los Angeles through the 2025 season.

This deal makes Bosa the highest paid defensive player in league history with his $102 million in guarantees also being the highest in league history beating out Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett who has $100 million guaranteed.

Bosa was drafted third overall in the first round of the 2016 NFL draft to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Despite playing just 11 out of the 16 games in his first season Bosa still managed to get 10.5 sacks, 41 tackles and 21 quarterback hits. This performance earned Bosa the 2016 Defensive rookie of the year award.


From 2017-2019 he was voted to the Pro Bowl two times out of the three seasons.

In 2017 and 2019 Bosa accumulated double digit sack numbers, having 12.5 in 2017 and 11.5 in 2019. He only managed 5.5 sacks in the 2018 season, but only played in 7 games that season due to injury.

Bosa ranks 34th on the NFL top 100 for 2020 in front of fellow Houston Texans Defensive End JJ Watt.

With Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett getting paid $125 million over 5 years, this has helped reset the market for defensive players in the NFL. In these times of economic uncertainty, and with players unsure how keen their owners will be to spend, seeing contracts like this handed out will give them confidence. It sets a marker down for upcoming free agents and front offices to work around – who will be the next defensive player to land a monster contract?

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