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Three potential landing spots for Josh Rosen as a free agent

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The disappointing NFL career of QB Josh Rosen trudges on. Rosen was recently cut by the San Francisco 49ers, making him a free agent once again.

Rosen was drafted with the No. 10 pick in the 2018 draft by the Arizona Cardinals. When the Cardinals had the opportunity to draft Kyler Murray and give him the starting job, Rosen was traded a year later to the Miami Dolphins. However the Dolphins drafted Tua Tagovailoa a year later and waived Rosen when a trade partner wasn’t found.

Since then, Rosen has spent time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 49ers before being cut earlier in the week. He now is on lookout for his fifth team in just four years in the NFL.

Free agency landing spots for Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen has not at all performed the way people thought he would coming out of UCLA. He has had 16 starts in 20 total games played in the NFL. In those games, he has a 3-13 record with 12 TDs, 19 interceptions on 54.8% passing. That is certainly not top 10 talent.

Rosen is still just 24 years old and there is a chance that he could turn things around to have a decent career. It’s possible to do in the NFL, look at Ryan Tannehill. But Rosen now is without a team and needs someone to give him another opportunity.


Here are some times that could sign Josh Rosen.


The regular season is looming just two weeks away, and the Indianapolis Colts will be without Carson Wentz for an extended period of time.

They traded for Wentz thinking he would be the replacement for Philip Rivers, but instead, Wentz required foot surgery.

Currently on the roster are QBs Jacob Eason, Brett Hundley and Sam Ehlinger.

Eason, a 2020 fourth-round pick out of Washington, looks to be the frontrunner now with Wentz out, outduelling Ehlinger, this past year’s pick out of Texas. Hundley is the only QB with NFL experience. But if the Colts feel Rosen would bring more value to them over Hundley, they could take a chance on Rosen instead.



The Minnesota Vikings have their clear cut starter in Kirk Cousins, but the backup QB position has been a big point of discussion during the preseason. Kellen Mond had looked like the choice for QB2, but he’s been put on the COVID list and forced Minnesota to sign multiple arms, including Jake Browning and Nate Stanley.

Well those arms have looked…bad. Real bad. Despite Mond being unable to participate and practice, he somehow has had his QB2 spot secured even more in his absence. Depending how long Mond is out, the Vikings may consider bringing in Rosen for the backup spot. That way, if anything were to happen to Cousins while Mond is out, Rosen at least has some experience that Browning and Stanley do not.


If there has been one takeaway from what has been a god awful Hard Knocks series, it’s that Dak Prescott is not 100%. You’d think the cameras would always be on the star of the Dallas Cowboys. Instead, we’ve hardly seen any of Prescott during the HBO documentary series.

If that is the case, the Cowboys may be in more need of a QB than previously thought. They have Garrett Gilbert, Cooper Rush and Ben DiNucci. Gilbert has impressed and most likely will be QB2. If Dallas wants three QBs on the roster, it may make more sense to give Rosen the job rather than Rush or DiNucci.

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