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Justin Fields vs Russell Wilson: Who Should Start for the Steelers in 2024?

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If you’re already tired of the Justin Fields vs Russell Wilson debate, we have some bad news: it’s not going away. This might be one of the more intriguing quarterback situations the NFL has seen in several years.

Both quarterbacks have the potential to lead the Steelers to big things in 2024. But both quarterbacks are also riddled with questions and reasons to doubt them.

Fields vs Wilson: Who is Pittsburgh’s Best Option

The good news for the Steelers is they didn’t invest too much in either quarterback. They also don’t necessarily have to commit to either beyond this season.

Nevertheless, Pittsburgh wants to win now, so where past Steelers quarterbacks have failed in recent years, they want either Wilson or Fields to succeed. So which one is it going to be? Let’s take a closer look.

The Case for Russell Wilson

Perhaps the best argument for Wilson starting is that the Steelers have nothing to lose by giving him a chance. The Broncos are paying a majority of his salary after cutting him loose, so Pittsburgh is getting him for next to nothing. That makes him a cost-effective quarterback with a borderline Hall-of-Fame pedigree.


Wilson is a nine-time Pro Bowler and has twice led his team to the Super Bowl. In a division with Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow, the Steelers need to find a way to get more out of that position than they’ve gotten over the past couple of years. With his track record, Wilson could be the answer.

The Case Against Russell Wilson

On the other hand, Wilson’s recent track record over the past few years is indicative of a quarterback who’s over the hill and can no longer perform at an elite level. Wilson’s accuracy has been erratic over the last couple of years and he’s no longer the runner he was earlier in his career.

He’s gone 17-27 over the last three years. That’s going back to his final season in Seattle, so Wilson’s decline started before his move to Denver, creating questions over whether a change of scenery to Pittsburgh will be enough to get his career turned around.

The Case for Justin Fields

Speaking of a change of scenery, that is the biggest reason why the Steelers should give Fields a chance. He’s a former top-10 pick who is still only 25 years old. It’s no secret that Fields didn’t have a lot of success in Chicago over the last three years, but he also didn’t have a ton of support.

With a better supporting cast and a fresh start, it’s still conceivable for Fields to get his career turned around and fulfil his potential. In theory, Fields still has a lot of upside and could still have a bright future, so it’s worth giving him a shot before he becomes a free agent next spring.


The Case Against Justin Fields

While some may see the glass as half full with Fields, he may be just a bust. After all, he’s had 38 career starts and won just 10 games. He barely has more touchdown passes than interceptions and is often more productive as a runner than a passer.

If the Bears couldn’t compete with Fields in the NFC North over the last three years, he’s unlikely to be good enough to help the Steelers in the AFC North, so why bother using him as anything but a backup?

The Verdict

Surprisingly, Fields is Pittsburgh’s best option right now and should be the starting quarterback in 2024. While Wilson offers more experience and a potential short-term fit, there is nothing about what he’s done over the last three years that indicates he’s capable of elevating the Steelers to a playoff-caliber team, especially in such a challenging division. He might make them incrementally better, but not enough to make a meaningful difference in the standings.

Meanwhile, Fields still has the tools to warrant a full-season audition as the starter in Pittsburgh. If he falters, the Steelers can start from scratch in 2025. But it’s worth giving him a chance in a more stable organization where he’ll receive more support. Ultimately, Fields will have to outperform Wilson during the preseason to earn the job. However, there is more value in giving Fields a chance to be the starter in 2024.

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