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Three potential Kevin Knox trades for the Knicks to consider before the deadline

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  • The Knicks are open to trading Kevin Knox before the trade deadline
  • With inconsistent minutes, the young forward clearly isn’t in long-term plans
  • Which teams could get involved in a Kevin Knox trade?

What’s the New York Knicks’ plan for Kevin Knox this season? Surely, they are not bent on giving him a consistent spot in Tom Thibodeau’s rotation. In the Knicks’ last 19 games, Knox has only appeared in eight contests. To make matters worse, he only logged in below four minutes in seven of those eight games.

Marc Berman of the New York Post reported last month that the Knicks front office didn’t include Knox in the Derrick Rose trade for the purpose of using him as a valuable bait in a “bigger deal.” We don’t know if that means that Knox still has a higher value in the trade market than what people expect, but it does indicate that Knox’s tenure in New York is ending soon.

Having said that, we listed three teams that could put in significant interest in trading for the Knicks’ third-year small forward.


It feels like Sam Presti and the Thunder front office have collected just about every draft pick for the next several years. After making it to the playoffs last season, the Thunder have switched into a rebuilding mode centered around all-around guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

The Thunder recently shipped combo wing Hamidou Diallo to the Detroit Pistons, quite an unexpected deal that also landed them shooter Svi Mykhailiuk and another future second-rounder.


With the numerous draft assets that they have at their disposal and their current focus on player development, the Thunder has the luxury of taking in a bit of a risk in investing in Knox and hoping that he could be at least a high-level role player in the future.


What is P.J. Tucker‘s value in the trade market? There were initial reports saying that the Rockets are looking for a couple of future second-round draft picks in exchange for Tucker’s veteran services.

Will the Knicks front office part ways with Knox in an effort to acquire Tucker? The Knicks are currently positioning themselves in the playoffs, and an all-around defensive stalwart like Tucker will definitely help them make some noise in the postseason.

However, getting Tucker could be a tricky situation to be in. The 35-year old forward will enter unrestricted free agency this offseason, so there’s still a huge possibility that he will walk away if the situation in New York doesn’t produce much success. It’s a risk to take, but it’s not like the Knicks will really get major returns in a Knox trade.


Acquiring Tucker will not just bode well for their present campaign, but it will also help the Knicks build an identity in which they are willing to do all the right things to become a contender in the East.


How about a trade for an extremely-reliable long-range gunner in the name of J.J. Redick? It was reported earlier this year that Redick wanted to be traded to a team on the East Coast for the purpose of being close to his family in Brooklyn.

Knox would be another asset in the Pelicans’ growing pile of young talent.

However, Knox will not solve the Pelicans’ need for more perimeter shooting so bringing in a third team or maybe the Knicks including Reggie Bullock in the package will be required in this deal.
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