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Knicks season preview: Record prediction, offseason review & things to watch in 2022-23

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The New York Knicks spent all off-season trying to improve their backcourt and they seemed to have got half the job done. They signed Jalen Brunson from the Dallas Mavericks but were unable to land Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz. Failing to land Mitchell significantly dampened Knicks season predictions for 2022-23.

Knicks season predictions 2022-23

The Knicks came in with a lot of hope last season after making the playoffs after a long drought. But that hope was quickly dashed as the problems with the Knicks became very evident and they ended up missing the playoffs by more than six games. Their main problem was the lack of offensive identity and their inability to close out games. And they went out in the offseason to fix that.

The Knicks made one of the biggest signings in free agency as they sneaked Jalen Brunson from the Mavericks. The point guard was a revelation in the playoffs and the Knicks decided to go big on him. They signed him to a four-year, $104 million contract after the 25-year-old had his best year in the NBA in 2021-2022.

But the Knicks being the Knicks failed to land their prized target in Donovan Mitchell. The three-time all-star was linked with them through the entire offseason and the Knicks were reportedly in deep talks with the Jazz. But their unwillingness to commit multiple drafts picks turned out to be their kryptonite as the Jazz traded Mitchell to the Cavaliers. And the Knicks failed to get their target, yet again.

Brunson will now join the core of RJ Barrett, Julius Randle, and Evan Fournier as they look to make it back to the playoffs after an uneventful year. So, let’s take a look at the Knicks season predictions 2022-23.


Knicks season preview

The Knicks may have found an answer to one of their biggest problems with Brunson. Last year, the main problem for the Knicks was their lack of consistent scoring. The Knicks ranked in the bottom five in the league in points per game. And this cost them big time.

Derrick Rose was the creator for the Knicks during the 2021-22 season, but the Knicks lost him to injury. And this left them without a quality point guard for the entire season.  They just could not generate looks consistently.

With Brunson, the Knicks may have found a solution to their problem. He averaged 16.3 points on 50% shooting on the field and averaged nearly five assists. Brunson may not be the solution to their troubles, but he is an upgrade over what they had last season.

With a quality point guard leading the offense, the Knicks have to learn how to close out games. Last year, the Knicks were one of the worst teams in clutch situations. They just lacked the creativity to execute in late-game situations.

And their inability to hold a lead was frightening. Last season, the Knicks  blew more leads than anyone in the league. Their young core of Barrett and Randle was expected to take a giant leap, but they were just unable to find the touch. And it didn’t help when their coach Tom Thibodeau made so many terrible calls in clutch situations.


Brunson will bring stability and calmness to a frantic Knicks squad but that would have been enough to get the Knicks a spot in the playoffs last season. The Eastern Conference is the toughest it has been in decades and the Knicks do not look like they have enough to get a playoff spot.

Knicks record prediction

Last season, the Knicks finished with a record of 37 wins and ESPN predicts that the Knicks will finish the season with 39 wins. But that might be a little too high with the East getting so strong and the Knicks lacking a proper superstar. So this is a bold prediction for their NBA Win totals.

  • Knicks prediction 2023 – 33-49

Player to watch out for

Jalen Brunson

One of the biggest signings of the 2022 free agency, Brunson, comes with a lot of expectations on his shoulders. After all, he was the catalyst for the Utah Jazz rebuild as he carried the Mavs to victory without Luka Doncic. Brunson improved his averages in the playoffs as he averaged 21.6 points per game and 3.7 assists.

He can the primary ball handler for the Knicks and he is excellent at running the pick and roll offense. And when he is not involved, he can be a good catch-and-shoot player as he has shown in the last few years.

But the big question is, can he lead the Knicks back to the playoffs?

Julius Randle

The biggest disappointment of the Knicks was Julius Randle. He had his best season yet a couple of years ago and the Knicks rewarded him with a contract extension,  signing him a four-year, $117 million extension. He failed to impress.

Randle struggled all season long without a quality point guard and he just wasn’t able to get his touch back. His three-point percentage took a massive drop and teams were more than happy to give him that shot. Randle’s midrange game made him the most improved player, but it was nowhere as efficient. And the Knicks suffered as a result.

He will need to show the Knicks they made the right move in giving him an extension. But that will be difficult as the Knicks just signed a score-first point guard and this may drop Randle’s stats even more.

RJ Barrett

Barrett has shown flashes of his potential and he was the Knicks’ top scorer along with Randle. His shooting numbers were down but his scoring was up.

Now with a solid point guard, Barrett can take his game to the next level. If the Knicks have any chance of making the playoffs, they will need  Barrett to have a huge year. He may even be able to make his first all-star selection if things go right for him.

Offseason moves

The major move for the Knicks was Jalen Brunson, but they did sign a couple of other players as well. They had to create cap space to sign Brunson so they sent away Nerlens Noel and Alec Burks. And they signed Isaiah Hartenstein to fill Noel’s shoes. They also signed Mitchell Robison to a four-year extension.

  • NBA offseason grades – C

Things to watch out for

The Knicks are hoping that they can do better than last season, but this seems to be a challenging task. The East is stacked at the moment and the Knicks just don’t have enough. And their offseason was just not good enough to solidify their playoff push.

But the Knicks have positioned themselves well for the 2023-2024 offseason. They will be able to offload a majority of their veterans’ contracts and finally be able to get rid of one of the worst NBA contracts right now in Evan Fournier. And the upcoming free agency class looks stacked.

If the Knicks have a shot at the playoffs, they need to be able to create a cohesive offensive unit. But if they struggle, expect another disappointing season for the Knicks fans. So that is Knicks season predictions 2022-23.

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