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With Kevin Durant’s trade request, Kyrie Irving trade rumors have already started surfacing. Irving has had a dramatic tenure with the Nets, to say the least, and it seems Kevin Durant has had enough. After opting into the final year of his contract last week, it looks like Irving won’t be suiting up for Brooklyn at the start of next season.

So here we are, in another episode of the Kyrie trade rumors.

Kyrie Irving trade rumors

Before picking up his $36.9 million option on his contract for 2022-2023, Irving was eligible for a max contract extension but did not reach an agreement with the Nets. Brooklyn governor Joe Tsai was wary about committing to Irving long-term considering his track record and recent work ethic.

Sean Marks also hinted that the Nets are looking for players who want to be a part of “something bigger than themselves”, something Kyrie Irving is not very good at.

So considering all the inevitable drama, what does the market look like for Irving right now?


Reunited with LeBron

The Lakers are frontrunners to acquire Kyrie’s services. It was even reported that Irving is focused on “forcing” his way back to the arms of LeBron James.

The question is though; what can the Lakers offer the Nets?

They obviously have to center the trade around Russell Westbrook and maybe throw one or two first-round picks. In return, the Nets will include another player in the trade such as Seth Curry or Joe Harris.

LA didn’t even make the play-in this year even with LeBron playing at an MVP level. They are in desperate need of firepower, and Kyrie instantly brings them back to contention again.

Ever since Kyrie left LeBron and the Cavaliers, his tenure has been plagued with inconsistent play on the court, and adolescent indifference off it. Having LeBron James hold him accountable again will surely bring back the Kyrie Irving that drained a dagger on Steph Curry and the Warriors bringing Cleveland its first chip ever.


Irving to Dallas

Kyrie Irving trade rumors to the Mavericks are legitimate. After losing Jalen Brunson to the Knicks, the Mavs are reportedly going to be very aggressive in pursuing Irving. Spencer Dinwiddie could be heading back to Brooklyn alongside a 2025 first-round pick.

It would be very interesting pairing Irving with Luka on-court and with Jason Kidd off-court. The chemistry and the culture in Dallas right now are leading towards title contention with Luka at its center. Having Irving’s aura could backfire, especially with his lack of accountability in recent years.

However if the experiment does pay off, and Irving buys in, it could be a similar situation to that with LeBron back in Cleveland. Kyrie would focus on scoring while leaving the playmaking to Doncic, and potentially lift the Mavs to the top of the West.

Clippers take the risk

The Clippers did show some interest in Irving before, and he also put them on his list of potential sign-and-trade options before he opted into his contract with the Nets. While the Clippers just signed John Wall, Kyrie Irving trade ideas could resurface if his value keeps falling.

If they can acquire Irving by trading Luke Kennard and Marcus Morris Sr., the Clippers would definitely go for it. There are pros and cons to the addition, but considering the price they would be paying, the upside is huge. With a healthy Kawhi Leonard, and a determined Paul George, the Clippers would have a formidable big three that would put the west in check.

Irving’s off-court antics could however mess up the chemistry of a Clipper team looking to be energized after a disappointing couple of seasons.

Butler gets more firepower

The latest Kyrie Irving trade news involved the Heat. However, the Heat confirmed that they won’t be swapping Kyle Lowry for Irving.

They should though.

If there is anyone not named LeBron James that can get Kyrie Irving to commit, it’s Pat Riley and the culture he’s built in Miami. Having a functional Kyrie Irving alongside Jimmy Butler, and Bam Adebayo is mouth-watering. Kyrie would be a great fit and would immediately alleviate some of the load off of Butler’s shoulders.

Brooklyn would be looking to receive more than just Lowry in the trade, and P.J. Tucker comes to mind. Both players could provide veteran leadership for a young rebuilding team.

Back with Harden

Kyrie Irving trade rumors did involve the Sixers. And as much of a long shot as it was, the Sixers did poke around trying to see what the deal would take. Before he opted into his contract with Brooklyn, it was reported that the Sixers even offered him a three-year guaranteed deal. It was probably just a smokescreen though.

On paper, this seems like a bad trade considering the bad blood between Irving and James Harden.

Harden specifically wanted to leave Irving and his shenanigans in Brooklyn, so Kyrie bringing his incense to Philly might backfire.

However, considering Irving’s value plummeting, the Sixers might find themselves in a position similar to the Clippers’ where it would be unreasonable not to put an offer.

Wherever he goes, it’s almost certain that the Kyrie Irving saga is not over.

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