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Lakers, Clippers or Knicks: Where is Kyrie Irving heading this offseason?

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Once again, it is ending in tears for Kyrie Irving. Despite clearly wanting to continue playing with Kevin Durant in Brooklyn, Kyrie next team odds are a topic of discussion for what seems like the hundredth time.

Kyrie Irving free agency was always a contentious issue after his bizarre 2021-22 campaign. How much would the Nets be willing to commit? Would Irving accept a shorter contract after missing so many games?

According to Shams Charania, Irving and the Nets are ‘at an impasse’. The All-Star guard could be heading to his fourth team this offseason.

Kyrie next team odds

Irving’s refusal to get the Covid-19 vaccine resulted in just 29 regular season appearances last season. It also contributed to James Harden’s acrimonious departure. Brooklyn would understandably be reluctant to offer a long max for Irving, but losing him leaves them in an almighty mess with Durant under contract for several more years. There is no clear path to replace the former Cavalier.

The usual suspects are atop the Kyrie next team odds. Whether taking his player option or becoming a free agent, the Lakers, Clippers and Knicks will all be in the running. The Nets offseason plans are turned on their head if Irving ends up departing – a deal with the Clippers involving Norman Powell and others salaries is probably a best case scenario.


Kyrie Irving free agency has become even more interesting with the latest news. He could potentially re-join LeBron James in Los Angeles. He could make a fearsome big three with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the other half of Staples Center. Perhaps he goes to the Knicks to spite the Nets, finally making the long-anticipated move to Madison Square Garden. There are, of course, teams who can sign Irving straight up with cap space, but any such deal would be a huge shock at this point.

Could Kyrie stay with the Nets?

It is possible that Irving and the Nets work things out. One can’t help but wonder how Durant feels about this – what does he choose to do if Irving walks? Is this all part of the theatre of NBA negotiations?

Kyrie next team odds present storylines aplenty. For all the difficulties that come with Irving, he can shift the balance of power in the NBA if he joins either NBA team. The Lakers or Clippers would likely become title favorites with Irving.

As is so often the case with Irving, this is just the first of many updates we’re bound to get in the coming days and weeks. What could have been a routine contract extension alongside one of his best friends is a saga. It is suddenly an integral storyline in the NBA offseason drama.

Irving has reminded us of his mercurial talent when he has been available in Brooklyn. Perhaps a team, like Boston and Brooklyn before, thinks it can eke a season or two of consistent performances from a three-time All-NBA performer. For the Lakers, it might be their only route to a third star. For the Clippers, though, it feels like an unnecessary risk given their combination of top-end talent and depth. The Knicks, meanwhile, should not even be considering this.


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