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Six potential packages for the Baltimore Ravens after Lamar Jackson’s trade request

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Any Lamar Jackson trade news in 2023 is bound to break the Internet. He’s one of the biggest stars in the NFL, yet the two sides haven’t been able to agree to a long-term deal with Jackson wanting to get what he believes he’s worth and the Ravens fearing getting stuck with a bad deal with a lot of dead money down the road.

With Jackson formally requesting a trade, he has become one of the biggest offseason trade candidates and Ravens trade rumors are taking off. 

Lamar Jackson trade news 2023

At the moment, it’s all just rumors, but if there is any real Lamar Jackson trade news in 2023, what team will be the one to trade for him?

Remember that even if Jackson and the Ravens are at an impasse, the price to trade for Jackson will be steep. With that in mind, let’s explore the best Lamar Jackson trade fits and what kind of trade packages those teams could offer Baltimore.


There are rumblings that the Falcons aren’t that interested in trading for Jackson, although Atlanta is one of the most sensible destinations.


They have Desmond Ridder in the fold but are in no way committed to him. For a franchise that has fallen on hard times recently, trading for Jackson could help to ignite the fanbase again. The Falcons have the eighth overall pick this year and would likely have to give Baltimore next year’s first-round pick while also floating Ridder as a trade chip.


Indy needs a quarterback and might only get its third choice in this year’s draft despite having the fourth overall pick. Of course, having the fourth overall pick is better than what Baltimore’s other suitors can offer in a deal for Jackson.

New head coach Shane Steichen has had success the past two years with an athletic quarterback like Jalen Hurts, so plugging Jackson into his offense makes a lot of sense, especially for a franchise that has failed in back-to-back seasons to bring in an aging quarterback who can win right away. With Jackson, they’d be set for the long run.


At first glance, Jackson and Bill Belichick seem like an odd pairing.

However, the Patriots don’t appear to be fully convinced by Mac Jones, so they could put themselves into the sweepstakes for Jackson. At the same time, New England could see if Jones and a pair of first-round picks would be enough to convince the Ravens because Baltimore would still need a quarterback if Jackson is traded.



The Lions have already made big waves this offseason and could be the favorites in the NFC North this year, even with Jared Goff at quarterback.

But if Detroit really wanted to turn the franchise around, trading for Jackson has to be on the table.

Of course, the Lions could use Goff as part of the package going to Baltimore. They also have two first-round picks this year. If Baltimore could get a placeholder at quarterback and two extra first-rounders, the Ravens could still be playoff contenders this year. That might be enough for them, but only if the Lions are willing to take that leap.


It looks like the Jets are going to get Aaron Rodgers, but they could still pivot and go after Jackson. If they’re going to give up a pair of first-round picks, why not get a long-term answer at quarterback rather than the aging Rodgers?

The Jets also have three of the first 43 picks in this year’s draft, so they can sweeten the deal beyond two first-round picks if they are serious about Jackson.


Wouldn’t it be something if Jackson ended up being the quarterback who followed Tom Brady? Money-wise, Tampa has a lot to work out to afford Jackson’s projected salary.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. A move to Tampa would put Jackson somewhat close to his hometown of Miami, so he might prefer a trade to the Bucs. However, Tampa is still something of a long shot because the Bucs would need to get their salary cap and draft picks in order before pulling the trigger.

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