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LaMelo Ball remains the top pick in the 2020 NBA Draft

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As the wait begins for the beginning of the new NBA season, all eyes are on the draft and the new round of hopefuls that are set to join the league in the not too distant future. With plenty of rumours from fans as well as the suggestions provided to us through the mock draft, there is plenty to get excited about as we wait for the season ahead.

However, with so much changing at this time, what can the fans really be sure about? One of the most undeniable elements of the league at the moment is the talent that star player LaMelo Ball possesses. In this article, we will be looking into what the NBA draft could mean for the young hopeful.

The six-month waiting period

With the college season ending in March of 2020, many players have had numerous stand out performances and should certainly be in the draft for the NBA this season. But with the draft now rescheduled to October of 2020 with the ongoing pandemic, this means a six-month lull in the action when it comes to the NBA and all things news.

This not only means no sports for the fans to watch, but it also means that NBA hopefuls have to wait it out to see if their name is picked for the NBA draft and where their new home will be for the team that they sign to. However, during this lull, there have come several NBA 2020 mock drafts that have provided us with a huge indication of who is likely to be the favourite for the league this season based on performance. One of those that have come out on top throughout this draft is the youngest of the Ball family LaMelo Ball.

The legacy of the Ball family

As one of the most popular NBA families out there, the Ball family are favourites for fans of the sport for several reasons.


Not only do they have a hit reality TV show showing the families amazing dynamic, but they have a whole family of NBA hopefuls. With both Mum Tina and Dad LaVar playing college basketball back in their school days, it is no surprise that the boys in this household have gone on to be some of the best players.

Both Tina and LaVar have gone on to have 3 children the eldest of which (Lonzo Ball) is a member of the New Orleans Pelicans having previously played for the LA Lakers.

LaMelo Ball is the youngest of the pack and is planning on following in his brother’s footsteps and is well on track to becoming an NBA all-star with his all-round amazing talents. With his brother LiAngelo currently playing basketball for UCLA, LaMelo has solidified his position at the top of the NBA mock draft thus far.

But with the six months well and truly underway, could this all change by the time the draft rolls around in October?

LaMelo Ball the future NBA All-Star?

Ball is a strong contender for the top pick in the NBA mock draft. There is a lot for the young star to consider. Not only does the NBA mock draft not consider teams’ needs, but it is also not a definite result. This can change in between now and October depending on the needs and wants of specific teams. Should he be concerned? Absolutely not.


Many are expecting him to have the pick of the bunch when the draft begins in October.

Other likely Candidates for NBA top pick

Though it is looking promising for the NBA hopeful to be the pick of the lot, it is important to note that there are several other players in contention for the top spot based on their performance in the season.

With Obi Toppin in a close second followed by Anthony Edwards this is looking like a great year for the NBA with a huge number of all-rounders coming up on the market. But who will be the lucky ones to play for their dream teams for the 2020 upcoming season? Only time will tell.

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